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Evolution of Apple

No description

Lynae FitzGerald

on 24 January 2013

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Transcript of Evolution of Apple

Foundation The iPod Shuffle (2010) iPod (2001) Stephen Gary Wozniak The Evolution of Apple The Apple Tree iMac G3 (1998) This invention symbolized the return of Steve Jobs to the top of the company. they started to ship them in 1998. the iMac was the first computer to exclusively offer USB ports as a standard. It also was the first to include connectors, a keyboard and an Apple mouse with the purchase. It was also the first personal computer made by Apple. When this invention came out in stores, it was presented as "1000 songs in your pocket." the GB vary from 2GB to 160GB. By the end of 2001 Apple had sold 125,000 iPod's. Price: 2001--$399 "Never trust a computer you can't throw out a window."
-Steve Wozniak The iPod Shuffle (2010) costs only $49.00, they come in all different colors and are made from aluminum which means they are solid, sleek, durable, and fashionable. They have up to 15 hours of batteries and have 2GB of space for music, this iPod shuffle is portable,wearable and it has a clip so it can go on your shirt, jacket, workout gear, backpack, or your purse strap. Your iPod Shuffle can also get engraved from the Apple store online. You can control your music with just a simple click, the controls are easy to see. You can also play your music in order or you can put your music on shuffle if you want. It also comes in 29 different languages from around the world. Said to be a commercial failure, the Apple III was designed by the marketing department making a user pay more for how "futuristic" it looked. "There is always a struggle between form and function." said co-founder Steve Wozniak. iOS is the leading mobile device system in the world today, it is simple and graceful. It was a game changer for the phone market, everyone wanted a touch screen. The iPhone (2007) 1999 2012 Feb. 24, 1955-Oct. 5, 2011 Steve, also known as Steven, spent his childhood in Silicon Valley. Steve was a quiet boy who didn't have many friends. He was very interested in electronics and would spend a lot of time in his neighbor's garage, who worked at a computer company. When Steve was 11 years old he told his adoptive parents that he wanted to transfer schools because he was being bullied. His parents agreed and the family moved to Los Altos, where he attended Cupertino Junior High. At the age of 12 he joined the Hewlett-Packard Explorer Club where he saw his first computer. He was so impressed by computers he knew he would one day work with computers. In 1972, after graduation, he attended Reed College in Oregon where he met Steve Wozniak. In the first semester Steve dropped out of school along with Steve Wozniak where they left to pursue their career in computers. Steve Jobs Steve Jobs
dies on
Oct 5 2011 August 11, 1950 - present The airport is
introduced Steve Wozniak personally invented Apple I and Apple II and co-founded Apple. He grew up in Sunnyvale, California. As a child he loved electronics and in grade five he was already working on computer like projects. He also made a machine that played tic-tac-toe for his sixth grade science project. He claims he never read a book, never took a course, just put it together in his brain. He didn't have many friends, until he met Steve Jobs at Reed College in Oregon. They dropped out together. Eventually, Wozniak invented the Apple I, the very first Apple computer, and Steve Jobs come up with the idea to sell it. iMac G4 2002 Inspiration The iMac G4 was only on the market for a few years but it took desktop design to a whole new level. Jobs is the
CEO of Apple inc.
(2ooo) "Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works."
-Steve Jobs Macbook G4
(2001) imac is
(2002) The Apple I was invented by Steve Wozniak and was the very first invention in the Apple Corporation ever. machine had a few notable features, such as using a T.V. as the display system. and it had something called a "bootstrap" for a quicker start up. Quicker, meaning 60 characters a second. The iPad (2010) This device was truly a step of faith for the Apple company because they didn't think it would sell. The iPad changed the way we use technology it was described as, "Magical" by Steve Jobs. Steve Jobs
is diagnosed
cancer. Timeline of Steve Jobs and his Work It was the first computer mouse to have multi-touch capability, this means a user can scroll right and left click with out any buttons on the mouse. Macbook
air is released
2008 Iphone and ipod
touch a released Apple has over
100,000 apps in
the app store. The Magic Mouse (2009) Steve Jobs Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak were
involved in an organization called the Homebrew Computer Club, where they experimented on hardware and software. After Wozniak invented a computer, the Apple II, Steve Jobs convinced him to start a company, selling his products. In order to get started on their company they had to sell some of their personal belongings. After raising enough money they began their inventions. Steve Wozniak Ipad is
(2010) Why did Steve Wozniak Leave Apple? Mac Plus (1986) the mac plus started selling in 1986. it sold for $1,195. it was the first Macintosh to include a SCSI port and that launched the popularity of of external devices such as printers and CD-ROM etc. Five years after Apple started, in 1981, Steve Wozniak was in a major plane crash, which caused him to lose his memory. Shortly after, he left Apple. In 1983, he decided to return to Apple and then he left again in 1987 to pursue other goals and interests. He still receives a small salary from Apple. Apple I (1976) Apple III (1980) Apple II (1977) Apple vs. Microsoft The iPhone 5 (2013) The iPhone 5 is the biggest thing to happen to the iPhone since it came out in 2010. Now three years later this phone has an enhanced camera, a 4" retina display screen, and an ultra-fast wireless. It is the most efficient mobile device on the market. in 1977 the first Apple 2 was sold for $1,275. it had disk drives. it was built about a year after the Apple 1. Always eco friendly.
Designs their own hardware.
Created iTunes, the most successful application for online media purchasing .
Has a thriving accessory market place
It also has "iCloud" which backs up your apple product and gives you access storage space.
Created Apple ID which
provides security. iPad Mini (2012) Oldest software providing corporation.
They are used in many offices worldwide.
Created Xbox 360, which is used for games, renting movies, and more.
Created windows media
Works with Microsoft Office. Apple T.V. (2012) The Apple T.V. is a great product. It lets you work and view media from your iPhone or iPad seamlessly. The Apple T.V. only costs $160 and fits almost anywhere by your T.V. set. It's smaller than a square foot. It provides Netflix, Youtube, and any other website that you can view media from. The iPad mini came out in 2012. It is a smaller version of the regular iPad. the one with 16 GB is sold for $329, the one with 32 GB is sold for $429 and the one with 64 GB is sold for $529. Bibliography https://sites.google.com/site/stevejobsbiography/recommended-articles




http://www.maclife.com/awordfromoursponsors?destination=article%2Fgallery%2F14_best_inventions_steve_jobs Macbook Pro VS. Macbook Air Is good if you sit at home.
Heavier but more internal space .
Has a security lock.
Good for doing heavy movie making. Easy to carry around.
Small and light but still very powerful.
Has no security lock. iPod Nano (2012) Steve Jobs Death The 2012 iPod Nano is the thinnest iPod ever made. Its a Nano but it has a multi-touch screen. it cost $149 and comes in 7 different colors. Steve Jobs died on October 5, 2011. He died of Pancreas cancer and a respiratory arrest. It was a tragic death which he had been fighting for a couple of years. After his death he was honored in many ways and he was referred to as "Father of the Digital Revolution" and "Design Perfectionist." Steve Jobs was an amazing person who will always be remembered as legend. The iPod Shuffle (2012) 2004
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