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No description

Nadeen Tawdi

on 6 June 2013

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Transcript of Corona

By: Nadeen A. Tawdi
Yasmine Nagy
Lina Emad
Ali Mostafa
Mai Samiry Introducing Corona Revival campaign Survey New flavors & Advertisements Corona’s chocolate factory was established in 1919 by Tomy Khresto in Alexandria.
It became the first Confectionary & Chocolate Company in the Egyptian market.
The workers consisted of both Greeks and Egyptians.
The Company is known with its Nostalgic portfolio becoming close to all Egyptian consumers' hearts triggering desire. Corona is known for producing various products since 1919, Those include: chocolates, biscuits, wafers, candy, and cocoa powder.
Corona has pioneered as one of the earliest and best companies to produce and successfully sell chocolate of a very unique taste and high quality.
The group will choose chocolate products as they are what Corona is best known for and because we believe that a better IMC plan could help it compete against many brands that are on top of the current market. Corona products Target segment Demographics:
18 - 25 Geographic location:
Cairo & Alexandria. Psychographics:
lifestyle class middle and low classes,
500 - 1200 per month Competitive analysis
Direct Indirect:
Candy (jelly based products ex: Jelly cola)
Biscuits (Digestive, Marie)
Wafers (lockers, Shemadan)
Mini cakes (Todo, Twinkies) Which brand of chocolate is your most favorite? Katakito 25 19%
Gersey 20 16%
Mandoline 39 30%
Moro 45 35% What would be your main reason for buying/ eating a chocolate bar? Price 11 11%
Packaging 2 2%
Advertisements 4 4%
Quality/taste 83 83% Would you consider buying an overly priced chocolate bar? Yes 66 66%
No 34 34% Which of the following promotions do you feel is most effective in getting you to purchase a particular chocolate bar? 20% extra free (Increased size if the product with the same price) 22 22%
Special price (Offer) 26 26%
Free sample (wherever the product is sold) 34 34%
Distinctive display of the product in the market 15 15%
Other 3 3% Do you often see Corona advertisements? Yes 6 6%
No 88 94% Yes 15 16%
No 79 84% Regarding Corona Chocolate Quality Package Advertising campaign Variety of flavors Price Convenience 1. Became the icon of the public sector in sweet snacks
2. Bought by Sonid group
3. The company created the nostalgic theme for its products but with adding a modern twist.
4. Owns 7 main factories.
5. Affordable price range
6. Wide target market
7. Owns a Cocoa Bean Processing Facility 1. Poor branding for being unrecognized by youth (21st generation )
2. Poor current brand image
3. No current advertising
4. Lately deteriorated taste quality 1. Egyptians of all genders and ages are chocolate lovers 1. The extensive existence of Imported chocolate products of high quality in the market
2. The presence of famous and more established international competitors (agents) like Cadbury , Nestle, Galaxy, etc….
3. The unstable political and economic status caused by the revolution
4. the instability of foreign currency by which the raw materials are purchased Target message To bring back the product to its past glory, by improving the product’s quality/taste and offering it to the audience in an attractive way; while maintaining a convenient price range. Taste/ Quality:
higher quality raw material
Two new category flavors:
1. Flavors that Egyptian-oriented
2. global flavors
New packaging designs will be implemented : modern, youthful, and attractive to the eye.
The product will be able to face its main competitors with greater confidence. Corona’s authentic products will maintain their same price range (under 5 L.E.)
new Egyptian oriented flavors that will be implemented in the revival campaign will be of a higher price range that is between 5 to 8 L.E. Increase the distribution range to reach the rest of the governorates. New flavors Free sample booths
Offering special prices on packages
Heavy TV, print and social media advertising
A loyalty card system will be implemented
Corona will sponsor Al Ahly football Team
An android application will be developed
An affiliation with digestive biscuits company
An affiliation with Beity milk brand Egyptian oriented flavors
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