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Smile Lejano

on 21 March 2013

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EXECUTIVE SUMMARY They are known for innovations in mushrooms as a healthy and delicious food cuisine from its burgers and desserts One of the best thing about them is that delivery is always free if within Metro Manila.
A company that ensures customer satisfaction based on high quality products and service. COMPANY DESCRIPTION History
Success History Success Mushroom before burgers Mushroom's potential as an edible product "Mushrooms were more expensive than beef" Executive Chef of a major hotel in Manila First sale was in major hotels and restaurants Introducing mushroom to the Filipino diet was a struggle They were desperate to introduce mushroom in the market Ingredient in Siopao to Burger Patty The mushroom burger was indeed tasty but it is too cheap for its quality and packaging could be improved Increased Price to compete with Tropical Hut One burger sold during the dry run STRATEGIC FOCUS AND PLAN ANALYSIS UP NEXT MISSION FINANCIAL GOALS NON FINANCIAL GOALS Marketing Plan Their mission is to introduce and share humble's mushroom potential for commercial greatness as an edible product with the world. To be one of the most successful fast food outlets in the Philippines To make a mushroom burger a destination spot for mall goers To expand into a number of outlets by three years and sell franchise to the cities of the country Get access to high traffic shopping malls near the target market Create a unique, innovative and entertaining menu that will differentiate us from the rest of the competitors CORE COMPETENCE To generate an income To control costs at all time To obtain a return of equity of atleast 50% in three years Gain market shares in Phil. Fast-food industry Mushroom Burger seeks to: Innovate and find new mushroom dishes to continue to supply customers varieties of recipes with high quality Advertise further the uniqueness the fast food offers as it specializes with mushroom Improve customer service and create a family-friendly ambiance UP NEXT SITUATIONAL ANALYSIS SWOT ANALYSIS INDUSTRY ANALYSIS ambiance, prices are very reasonable consistent quality, always attentive, no hassle in parking fast serving, place is always clean offer choices for vegetarians the burger is like the YUM of jollibee you can already expect what can you eat from this place the burger buns are somewhat airy and thin the place looks old but maintained clean to a bare minimum UP NEXT MAJOR COMPETITORS Wendy’s has more than 40 years of experience in the fast food industry. They are the third largest burger chain with around 6650 locations. Wendy’s has more than 40 years of experience in the fast food industry. They are the third largest burger chain with around 6650 locations. But, their food is perceived as unhealthy Burger King serves a lot of burgers that is typically not available in other fast food restaurant. Most of the burgers prepared in Burger King are cooked by properly grilling them over fire. On the other hand, Burger King does not advertise their products like their competitors do. CUSTOMER ANALYSIS

Research showed that mushrooms are high in minerals such as potassium which helps to reduce the risk of stroke and is also a contributor to lowering high blood pressure, and copper which contributes to cardio health. Mushrooms are also a source of riboflavin, niacin, and the antioxidant selenium, and with health and wellness becoming the goal of more and more people. MARKET PRODUCT FOCUS Marketing and Product Objectives: Mushroom Burger is a pioneer in the Philippines that serves burger with a twist. They want to share their love of mushrooms the world. They sell a unique taste of burger and many customers love it. Marketing and Product Objectives: Current Markets: It will be grown by expanding the brand, taste and flavor of the mushroom burger. In addition, each store will be grown by increasing customer awareness which leads them to an efficient better profit. New Markets: It will open new stores in Manila and other near provinces. The burgers, pastas, desserts, rice and viand menus, as well as other products will be sold in a much lower price with the same quality. Food Service: Food service sales will include burgers for the health conscious people and some other products like pastas and desserts. New products: They will add some more products that will and target not only the health conscious but also more on student meals. Better quality with affordable price products. Marketing and Product Objectives: Marketing and Product Objectives: MARKET PRODUCT FOCUS Target Market The primary target market of Mushroom Burger is the students and families especially in Metro Manila. Like other companies, mushroom burger wants to give chances to students and families to taste a better which they haven’t tasted before. Even though it only has 3 stores, it became famous to the people because of its uniqueness. And unlike other restaurants, your order will take only 5-8 minutes before they will serve it hot. The characteristics that make Mushroom Burger unique relative to competitors are:

Unique taste and convenience: Mushroom burger, instead of making a patty out of beef, they make it out of mushrooms. Also you will feel convenient in their stores, starting from the parking lots to the store itself. Taste trends and health awareness: we know that burgers have a huge amount of calories and it is bad to our health. Instead of serving burgers and other products with a twist, they also take into considerations the health of their beloved customers. Positioning Points of Difference Points of Difference MARKETING PROGRAM Product Line Unique Product Quality Packaging Mushroom Burger retailing for per serving is available in variety of toppings and flavor The high quality of the buns really adds a great effect/contribution to the whole hamburger itself. The patties are fried in a perfect way that can catch a customer’s satisfaction. Cheese and veggies are well selected. Mushroom Burgers goes with a simple but attractive/captivating package. Hamburger package shows a very unique and original package that other hamburger chains don’t have. Product Strategy Promotion Strategy Unique Recipe- Mushroom Burger offers a mouthwatering oozing with juicy flavor and a healthier version of Burgers.
Everyone will get curious as they hear the “Mushroom Burger” store. The verdict is so delicious never expect a yummy aroma of mushroom would taste as good as the other meat beefy burger. Through Media Mushroom Burger is posted on the Manila
Bulletin newspaper In pack coupons, It extent its service through networking sites like Facebook and twitter, where you can win coupons for free burgers in some games and activities. Mushroom Hamburger Inc. is posting advertisement to yahoo.com, in this way, they can get a lot of customers especially computer users who don’t have enough time to go out and buy burgers. Cents-off Coupons To generate trial and repeat purchase of Mushroom burger products. Promotion Strategy Latest Deal !
Only P249 for 4 PinoyMushroomburger, Small Pancit Canton and 1.5L New Pepsi Pogi at Mushroomburger. Quezon City Save P251! HIGHLIGHTS! Mushroom burger promises a healthier alternative with patties. This is truly a great Filipino merienda treat shared among friends or family. A single order of Mushroom Burger with Fries and Soft drinks cost Seventy-five pesos, compared to other brands that also consist with this kind of order it is much higher but the main ingredient of the burger is Mushroom, which is highly expensive than beef so it is much favorable to buy this kind of mushroom burger. Price Strategy Distribution Strategy MushroomBurger have various chains in big and small malls. They are mostly located inside the malls. Burgers can also be delivered by the food distributor to some households’ customers. Mushroomburger is continuing its expansion by picking up steam from its newest branch in Katipunan Avenue, across the Ateneo campus. It is near to campuses that make it accessible to students. Points of Difference GROUP FOUR BSA 1-26
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