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Communication model

Newborn and parents communication model

Erica Roa

on 30 January 2013

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Transcript of Communication model

Communication Models Source: newborn baby Receiver: Parents Messages
encoded by crying Similar to interpersonal and mass communication
Non verbal communication
The message is not flexible
The communication is a linear process Agenda

The models


Conclusions The parents use their common experience to decode the message
and react by giving comfort to the baby Wet bottom Being tired Gastric distress Overstimulated Speaker Speech Effect Aristotle's Model Conclusions Babies have not developed their body language, their gestures are merely nervous impulses.
Crying is the baby's main method of communication. Who? …says what? …in which channel? …to whom? …what is the effect?

These questions themselves are a model of communication signal field of experience field of experience source encoder destination decoder Schramm's model source encoder decoder receiver feedback message noise channel Shannon-Weaver model Occasion Audience Erica Roa
Jan 30, 2013
Sheridan College Source: http://communicationtheory.org/ Source: http://communicationtheory.org/ Source: http://communicationtheory.org/ Source: http://www.todopapas.com/bebe/psicologia-bebe/como-se-comunican-los-bebes-1031 Message
Empty belly
I'm tired
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