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Human Tech

created by Nathan Gair

Nathan Gair

on 25 October 2012

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Transcript of Human Tech

This presentation is going to show
the stages of robots and humanized tech humanized tech humanized technology is
only fairly new to
human society The first known robot was used in a car
manufacturing plant
and was simply a machine to
pick up red hot car parts and drop them into
a cooling tank. some robots can even do the rubix cube! robots now days
can do a hole lot more! really! so this concludes... first robot! Ideas Could a robot walk around Conclude Theory's at the end of this slide will robots ever be
able to think? consider could a robot make an opinion ...? Think siri is one of
the best launguge detector software ever some phone software
can talk and understand language wow! One robotic device lets
a paralyzed woman
control a robot with her thoughts e.g. siri amazing! cortex Some technology can cut h 0 (water) into hydrogen and oxogen hydrogen for fuel but oxegen for air to breathe 2 that future tech is not too far away from our reach and that it will really be useful to people no mater the age or size I hope you enjoyed this presentation thanks for watching! by Nathan Gair
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