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How to Avoid Death by PowerPoint: Creating Effective Presentations

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Erin Nitka

on 19 June 2011

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Transcript of How to Avoid Death by PowerPoint: Creating Effective Presentations

How to Create Effective Presentations
By: Erin Nitka Design Principal #1
Keep it simple! Design Mistake #1 - Too much content Design Mistake #2 Graphs are often too busy that it’s hard for a reader to understand their meaning This leads to ... Instead, follow Design Principle #2:
Use images that are creative and communicate meaning Design Mistake #3
Overdoing the “bells and whistles” Some people like to use every slide transition possible, because they can! Design Principle #3 Just because you can, doesn’t mean you should! Design Mistake #4 Poor color & font choices that lead to eye strain and nausea! Design Principle #4
Colors have meaning Bad PowerPoint Happens to Good People Learn from successful presentations: For example.... And, remember... This leads us to ... 80% of PowerPoint is ineffective.
What does your PowerPoint say about? For example, something like this ... Therefore, always remember Choose wisely ... Like this ... HUH? Yuck!! and base your choice on good design principles. Thank you! Instead, follow...... Anything good?
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