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The Flipped Classroom

No description

Kim Roberts

on 7 February 2014

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Transcript of The Flipped Classroom

The Flipped Classroom
Kim Roberts, Middle School Math
St. Elizabeth Ann Seton Catholic School
Students learning at
different paces
(slow, medium, fast)

missing important pieces
of information, even though they were "present"

(sick, sports, etc.) and missing critical lessons

not completing homework
fully or correctly because they forgot how to do it from class
Teachers spending most of the time in class going over problems and
not giving students alot of time to practice problems
on their own with support.

Teacher spending
hours "tutoring" and re-explaining content
to students who didn't get it in class.
Responsibility for learning
flipped from teacher's hands to students' hands.

Face to face time
flipped from teacher-focused to student-focused.

Focus of class time
flipped from passive learning and taking notes to active learning by doing.
What "flipping" allows students to do.
Student can pause, rewind,
and rewatch lessons truly
learning at their own pace.
Students can access the
content for their class
anytime, anywhere, on
any device.
Students get
more one-on-one
time with the teacher. Teachers
spend more time
helping students
and explaining more difficult concepts.
Students aren't stuck at home
working on problems without
help. The
teacher is there to
answer questions when students
need them.
Student Benefits And Goals
Don't have to worry about...
Being absent and missing content.
Lesson being taught too fast to comprehend.
Getting stuck on homework problems with no support
Being bored because content is too easy.
Students can work ahead.
Forgetting old material with no way to access it.
Student's Responsibilities...
Be an active, responsible learner.
Work and collaborate with classmates.
Being in charge of their learning and their success in the class.
Working with concepts they need more support in understanding.
Managing their time to meet their learning objectives.
What do students now do at home?
Watch Video
Take notes
Pause, rewind,
fast-forward as
Students don't have
to wait on other students
taking notes. Go
at their own pace.
insert pics
and videos of
students watching
videos and taking notes
show one of my
My Class before...

Warmup 5 min
Homework Check 15-20 min
Lecture/take notes 15-20 min
Practice / homework 5-10 min

My Class after....

Warmup 5 min
Homework Check 5-10min
Questions 5-10 min
Practice/homework 25-30 min
Why my kids like the "flipped classroom"
What does my class look like now?
Challenges of a Flipped Classroom
Student / Parent Motivation and Change
Student Accountability
Access to videos
Online Community
for your class
Time --
Time to make the videos.
Learning curve.
15 - 20 min per video
Change is not easy
Parents/students have to be
willing to buy in.
How do you know they watch videos?
My class -- take notes; notes quizzes
Access is key...
Internet via computers,
tablets, smartphones,
at school

Examples of a
Flipped Classroom
Flipping is not...
Necessary 100% of the time
A replacement for conclusions that can be discovered through investigation
Just "Lecture" at home and "homework" at school
Replacing teachers with videos
Students working without structure
Screencast -
Apps - Educreations, knowmia, showme, Doceri
Computer -- Camtasia, Jing

July 22-23, 2014
Check with Denton ISD
for registration
Join TCEA.
Receive newsletters/email.
Happy Flipping!

Kim Roberts

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