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No description

Suki Yip

on 14 April 2011

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Transcript of Draft

Alan Li
Alva Lau
Patrick Cheung
Kristy Tseung
Stacey Wong
Suki Yip MKTG 2010 R :
Management Frozen Yogurt Marketing of To investigate the market potential of frozen yogurt in Hong Kong Objective To investigate the market potential
of frozen yogurt in Hong Kong Market Analysis SWOT
Analysis Marketing Mix Risks Joy &
Share + + Microenvironment Macroenvironment Market Reserach Strenghts Threats Weaknesses Opportunities To investigate the market potential of frozen yogurt in Hong Kong Boom of "Frozen Yogurt Business"! Why? What's next? Current branding?
How To differentiate?
How to be a leading brand? Tuttimelon
Premium Frozen Yogurt Innovative packaging
Wide variety of flavors
Healthy ingredients
Safe for some people who have food allergy
Pricing by weight Easy entrants for competitors
Conflicting diet habit due to cultural difference
High premium upfront Fee & franchise fee Increasing popularity
Many potential markets all over the world
Contamination of the food
Soaring raw ingredient prices
Unpredictable preference of the people
Rising Animal feed prices What's next? :) Targeting Segmentation Positioning Product Place Price Promotion 4Ps Age-groups Children
Young generation
Generation X
The elderly Gender
Secondary school students
Univeristy students
Young Working Adults e.g.Office Ladies Values and Lifestyle (VALS) I-Am-Me
Experiential and Socially Conscious types
young generation (secondary school and university students)
more open to new ideas
have many gatherings with friends (need to share enjoyable moment)
slim and beauty
prefer more sweet dessert
need a relaxing experience after their busy working day
Gender & Occupation experiencers
would like to experience life and happiness Values and Lifestyle (VALS)
as the most fun and relaxing dining experience for the stressful ones in the city provide our customers with the tuttilicious and healthy desserts delivering smiles and happiness to each and every customer differentiates our frozen yogurt from others Actual Product 1. Introduce more tailor-made favors 2. Different themes for major festivals 3. Brand extension Tuttimochi 5. Introduce environmental friendly design 6. Froyo Labeling More transparent
Gain trust and enhance our creditability Reusable special spoon Demographic Economic Natural Cultural Echo boomers
(baby boomlets) Telecommute
Better educated population Careful shoppers Shortages of raw materials
Encouraging environmentally friendly products 1 2 3 4 Competitors Customers Company lacks differentiable image Because of easy entrance for competitors Short term MASS growth Fit & Healthy Habit Chinese are not used to eat sth cold for lunch Low customer loyality Numerous substitutes Resulted: Short product life cycle Value adding options are ESSENTIAL Humen prefer HIGH
sugar concentration Natural DESIRE! XD Sweet and high-fat foods stimulate release of brain chemical for +ve feelings Women have greater demand for desserts than man
To know more about out targeted consumers’ perception of frozen yogurt Target : teenagers and office ladies Medium: Facebook
Survey period: 7 days Number of replies: 225 Customers’ perception of frozen yogurt Taste of froyo
Varieties of toppings
Decide the combination & amount of different toppings by themselves
A bit expensive Frozen yogurt store Competing brands and products crumbs, yogo
Quality of product
Environment and decoration
Convenient location
Provide the health labels
New froyo related products froyo pancakes & froyo pie
chocolate/wafer-made containers and spoon Expanding location coverage Partnership Opportunities Convenience Store University Fitness Centres Cinema $15/100g 1. Free frozen yogurt on birthday 2. Free frozen yogurt for frequent purchases 3. Groupon for our frozen yogurt 4. Coupons after photos taking 1. Advertise on famous websites and magazines 3. Donation Flag - Do for good 4. Share Happiness Campaign Increase our consumer equity In winter: milk tea, vitasoy soymilk In summer: chrysanthemum, tea create greater customer delight Tuttimelon Sugarfree candy 2. Establish our Facebook page, Facebook games and IPhone apps Seasonal Risk Long Term Risk
Ethical Risk Long Term Risk
Health Risk Sales in Winter? Possible Solutions
1. Seasonal Toppings &
New flavours
2. Hot desserts
e.g. Froyo pancakes Lie? Non-fat! Seem Helathy!

But... HIGH in calories or carbohydrate

Fats and calories from toppings
“Live Active Cultures” (probiotics) destroyed in the manufacturing process 30-45 Calories per ounce
20 g sugar per ounce “Milk is a Natural” “Everybody Needs Milk” “Milk is perfect!” Perception makes reality The fact is that:
Dairy consumption is a contributing factor in nearly two dozen diseases of children and adults. Foreign snack culture
Fast moving Delicious treat
(will not make you full) Turkish ice cream! Dondurma sticky Tough Stretchy :( 1 2 3 "Frozen yogurt is not yogurt frozen. So, it's not as healthy as the name suggests."
Keri Glassman Non fat? Seems healthy

But HIGH in calories or carbohydrate! iron deficiency anemia Lactose Allergy Heart Disease Lung cancer Summary 4. Consumption experience Augmented Product Perceptual map of frozen yogurt market Share every Joyful Moment! Wide variety Joy & Share Share every Joyful Moment Q & A
Thank You! 2 companys almost the same logo!!!
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