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LL Department Meeting 11.07.13

No description

on 7 November 2013

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Transcript of LL Department Meeting 11.07.13

LL Department Meeting 11.07.13
Open Discussion
Standards Refresher - Four Seasons Get Me Right Standards
1. Did the employee connect on an individual level with the guest?

2. Did the employee adapt the procedures to the guest's time, mood and situation?

3. Did the employee appear engaged, energetic and did they speak with confidence?


Formula 1 Info
Lobby Lounge Cocktails:

Papa's Pilar Rum
Tito's Mule
Tito's Vodka
ginger beer
French 75
Waterloo Gin
lavender simple
Royal Sidecar
Louis XIII Cognac
Pierre Ferrand
Highest Selling 2012:
Bud Light
Stella Artois
Grey Goose
Ketel One

F1 Menu Additions:
Lobster Pizza
sliced lobster, chile flake,
blistered cherry tomatoes,
roasted garlic and tarragon
mozzarella and oaxaca cheese
Salmon Tartare
apple, truffle cured caviar,
shaved black truffle
Seared Foie Gras

**verbal upsell to add to burgers!
persimmon, chestnut, brioche points
UT Game
No Saturday Coffeehouse during F1 weekend. Front desk coffee hours will be extended.

Breakfast in the Lounge will be served Sunday, November 17th 9am-12pm.

We will be showing the UT vs. Oklahoma State on Saturday the 16th. Time is TBA.
F1 Shuttle
The City of Austin will be hosting a free shuttle to the F1 Racetrack during the race weekend. Shuttle will depart at the Convention Center off Trinity St. Shuttle will continuously loop throughout the day.

Beginning and end times are yet to be announced.
More F1 Info
Holidays in the Lobby Lounge
Breakfast Schedule
Teddy Bear Teas
November 30th-December 22
Seatings available at 2:00, 2:15, and 2:30pm.

Regular teas will still be offered Thursdays and Fridays
throughout December, 1:00-4:00pm.
Pretty in Pink
: Congrats to
Jessica Pearson
for winning the two week selling competition!! We sold
Pretty in Pinks for the month and donated
to Seton
Net Sales: $188,575.20

Top 5 Selling Items
1. Tito's
2. Pretty in Pink
3. Grey Goose
4. GL Icono Cab
5. Sliders
sugar rim
Coming Up...
New Core Wine Tasting - tomorrow!
From 2-4pm
Expect another Department Meeting In early December to discuss EOS results
12/4/13 - Forbes Training. Mandatory for all employees : )
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