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Christofer Drew Ingle

No description

Olivia Roll

on 20 September 2010

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Transcript of Christofer Drew Ingle

Christofer Drew Ingle. He was born on February 11th He was born in Sandiego, California,
but when he was in the fifth grade him
and his family moved to Joplin, Missouri. Chris's dad was big into tennis. His future was pretty much set that he would become a tennis pro. But due to a fatal broken leg he was unable to play for quite sometime. For his birthday he got a recording system. He was able to start
recording the songs he made and put them online.
He soon gained many fans because of his myspace He started playing in small coffee shops in Missouri. Then he decided to leave school and go on tour. Him and his friend packed up and left on the road with their equipment, merchandice, and car. They had little money at first and basically lived out of their car In september of 2009 he began going on tour
with the Scene Aesthetic and the Bigger Lights. Later he went on tour with forever the sickest kids and the cab. Chris tries to live his life not only pleasing the fans but helping the enviorment. He is a vegetarian. And tries to make other people aware of how badly animals are treated. Dropped out of high school Lives a strict vegan diet His favorite color is green He likes the beetles and the beach boys He is a Christian He is in another band, which is screamo, Eatmewhileimhot His song “Big City Dreams” reached number three on the top 100 singles chart. This was when he had no label backing. FUN FACTS! Accomplishments! His song “Big City Dreams” reached number three on
the top 100 singles chart. This was when he had no
label backing. NSN won the Woodie award sponsored by mtvU Has gotten on late night with Jimmy Fallon Has produced 7 or more albums He has taught himself to play the ukulele, guitar, bass, and bango. WEBSITES



HE NEVER WEARS SHOES THE END When he was gone from
he started
up his
dad's guitar and began
teaching himself chords.
He soon fell in
love with it.
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