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Heritage Project

No description

edwin sanchez

on 6 November 2014

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Transcript of Heritage Project

Heritage Project By:Edwin R. Sanchez Aguillon
Where my family is from
My family is from Mexico, but they come from different states. For example my grandmas' side of the family is from Tamaulipas, but my grandma moved to Nuevo Leon, and met my grandpa. And later on my mom, my two aunts, and my uncle were born. My mom decided to move to the U.S.A for many reasons, which I will explain later on.
The government that existed when my mom moved here was a Federal Republic. And it is still a Federal Republic.
The language spoken in Mexico is Spanish.(There were more languages spoken by different Aztecs. But are rarely spoken now.) My Mom, my sister and I mostly speak English, but we also speak Spanish at home.
The currency of Mexico is the peso. One dollar is worth 13.61 pesos.
The reason that my mom moved to Texas is because she wanted better apportunities for me and herself. I'am thankful for my mom moving here, because if she hadn't I wouldn't have been in the LEAP program and I wouldn't have seen my potential for education. Unlike here Mexico doesn't have an AP program.
My second last name (which is Aguillon) came from Norman origin. It arrived in England in 1066 during the Norman Conquest. The meaning of the name Aguillon is a person who always is looking for an opportunity to do their own thing.
Information about Mexico
Inforamtion about my family
Custom and Food
The custom that came from Mexico that we still celebrate here is El dia de los tres reyes. (The day of the three kings) which is celebrated on January 6. The way that we cebrate it is we eat a rosca which is a round cake, with three figures inside which are the three kings.
The food is the rosca which makes us remember that even though we are in America, we can still celbrate Mexican custom.
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