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Haile Middle School Engineering curtis h

what i did at states for TSA

curtis hostetler

on 6 September 2012

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Transcript of Haile Middle School Engineering curtis h

What I did at States I made a boat for transportation system. At districts I got 1st place but when I competed at states they did not have the same type of canal for the boat to run on. Because of that, my paddle was too long and hit the bottom of the canal and would get held up. I learned that next time i'm not making the paddle that long. We made a cutting board and a knife holder for counstruction challenge. We placed in the top 10 at states. We were at Amelia Island for the state confrence. We were there for four days. We did our events mostly on the second and third day. FLORIDA Update for 3/19 X,Y and Z axes A: The x,y,z are related to the dragsters because when you are cutting out your dragster in the cnc mill, the x,y,z will tell the mill of were to shave off the wood.

B: The x,y,z relates to the cnc mill because it tells the mill were to go on a cordinate plain. TSA 3/20

I started to make the tube for the rocket. 3/22
Today I made a nose for the front of the rocket. 3/21

I wrote coments for the prezis that we presentend. This is the apple symbol that a teacher requested I make. I then used the laser to cut it out. This mission patch was our first project. We made this to show off what we are setting are minds to. today i made the fin for my rocket The cnc mill is a machine that uses a bit to make objects that you make in solidworks then camworks. identify the problem 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. Research & brainstorm Plan & create Build a model or prototype Test & evaluate Present the solution Environmental Engineering Environmental Engineering is environmental structure of technology. we should recycel
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