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Sprachcaffe Famtrip 2012

Brighton, London, Malta and Frankfurt

Carsten Sallmann

on 24 September 2012

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Transcript of Sprachcaffe Famtrip 2012

ask for your
certificate of representation tuition
seasonal surcharges
leisure activities excursions
placement fee Sprachcaffe is a
for our clients one big family all under one roof photo galleries for all schools always up-to-date
online availablity list commission on Fam-Trip 2012
Brighton, London, Malta, Frankfurt so how does the AMICO
program work again? which
marketing material
can I order again? using the
Online Agent eManual
for our work with the Sprachcaffe programs loads of details about all
32 Sprachcaffe schools extra-nights
& transfers download lots of
valuable documents sample leisure programs download pre-departure information info sheets send an email to your
Sprachcaffe support office now
or contact us at
agents@sprachcaffe.com Thank you so much
for being with us on the famtrip! ...and don't forget
to send us many students!!! we visited 4 schools
out of 32 Sprachcaffe centers and yes, we've also learned a lot and much more
just let us know at
agents@sprachcaffe.com beautiful weather/girls exciting excursions vibrant parties lots of new friends to access the eManual visit
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