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nouns,verbs, adjectives, adverbs

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noelle chagnard

on 15 January 2013

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Transcript of nouns,verbs, adjectives, adverbs

Nouns Definition Adverbs Definition Izzy and Bella Nouns, Verbs, Adjectives, Adverbs Verbs Definition adjectives Definition Example Example Example sentences Sentences helpful Adverbs are
words for
when, where,
and how. Things you can do. I'm always
careful with
my sisters
things. Sentences Sentences The homeless guy slept in a box. He ran away from his home several years ago. Hug
Share Mrs. Hansel eats cake frequently! :) Helpful Hints Always
possibly Helpful hints They have tense. Past, Present, and Future, By: A noun is a
place, or thing... My friend loves
she loves them so
much, she went to
the Skittles factory.
she also met Mr.Skittle. They decribe nouns The wet dog was hyper. The crying baby was tired. red person, smelly tired cute The boring dog was old. An adverb often comes immediately before or after the verb it tells about. helpful hints Adjectives Answer the questions: What kind? Which one? How? helpful hints There are two kinds of nouns.
Common noun: names a person, place, or thing Examples are girl, country, and newspaper

Proper Noun: names a particular person, place, or thing Examples are Mary, Canada, and The Daily Herald
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