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Unit 5

No description

Katie Hay

on 1 June 2015

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Transcript of Unit 5

Example of a good manager
What is a good positive role model?
Why is this a negative role model?
Assignment Criteria
Outcomes 1 Know the roles, responsibilities and skills of sports coaches

Grading Criteria
Describe four roles and four responsibilities of sports coaches, using examples of coaches from different sports

Explain four roles and four responsibilities of sports coaches, using examples of coaches from different sports

Compare and contrast the roles, responsibilities and skills of successful coaches from different sports.
Roles of a sports coach
Roles of a sports coach:
Role Model
Unit 5- Sport Coaching
Roles of a sports coach.
Role Model
Sports Coching
Unit 5

Roles, responsibilities, skills and techniques of a sports coach

You aspire to be a sports coach and explore how coaches have used various roles and responsibilities, skills and techniques successfully.
It is often the managers’ responsibility to coach the team and individual players as well as to manage fixtures, prepare the equipment and organise transport to the competition or training venues. The principle role of a manager is to lead. Their leadership style will depend on the athletes they are managing. A good manager should motivate their team, learn from mistakes, and gain respect from the athletes who play for them which can steam from team talks and coaching sessions. The managers who attain excellence are those whose players want to play for them. Managers generate this desire through a mixture of motivation and respect, which could stem from coaching sessions, team talks, previous successes and their reputation. For an individual sport managers role is to monitor the individuals’ development and do everything possible to obtain their optimum performance. In team sports the managers role involve team selection and could include choosing the best team from a squad of players, or the best combination of players to beat the opponents. When working with teams the manager has to oversee the relationship between players. Good managers create team cohesion to help players perform to the best of their ability.

Sir Alex Ferguson was one of the best managers in the world, at his time in man united he won a huge amount of trophies; this is because he had the characteristics a good manager should have to succeed. All his team members respected him; he motivated them and bought out the best of each individual. He had a good understanding of the game and a good reputation: He was knighted for his achievements
What did Sir Alex Ferguson do that made him the be manager?
When leading a sport or physical activity session, a coach is representing that particular sport or activity, and should set an example to the participants. A good coach will demonstrate appropriate behaviour and use appropriate language with athletes at all times. Coaches should accept responsibility for the conduct of the athletes they coach and encourage positive and non-discriminatory behaviour. To be an effective role model, a coach must set an example with the clothes they wear when coaching. A coach should have sports clothing and footwear and the appropriate equipment to coach the session. A coach will sell the sport session to the athletes, and the more enthusiastic the coach is, the more enthusiastic the athletes are likely to become.
Example of a good Role Model....
Andy Murrays coach, Mauresmo is a good role model for Murray as she has been in the game and played at a very high level, giving good advice about the game, which she can speak about due to her experiences. Mauresmo also applies her trade in correct ways via her equipment turning up ready and behaving in the correct manner towards her clients
An innovator is a person who develops new methods & ideas of training which can have an effect for the team. Innovation is a new way or original way of doing something. It is vital for a sports coach to search for new techniques which can enhance a players development and all round performance, which will then lead to an increase in the enjoyment of training sessions. It is important for a coach to be an innovator as it allows for the team to be one step ahead of the others, as in sport and slight edge can mean a whole world of difference. A slight edge could be the difference between winning and losing matches. Innovation can be seen on a training pitch via developing new tactics which have never been used for, such as formations, or these new ideas could come off the pitch such, as new ways of testing individuals such as GPS's which is a new recent concept used in professional sports.
Woodward implemented out of the box ideas which in that time period was unheard of. For example prior to the world cup of 2003 Woodward worked closely with Nike the kit the supplier for England as he found that the faster members of his team were being held back by their jerseys. This led to Woodward and Nike working together to create a tight fit top which was hard for the opposition to grab hold of. This top was debut at the World Cup of 2003 and ultimately gave England the edge as they go to the final and won the world cup.
Example of good Innovators
Clive Woodward
Another innovator is Shane Sutton, a coach with the British cycling team in Beijing 2008. Sutton combined scientific, data-based technology with specific training methods, developing a team mentality in a predominantly individual sport that led the British cycling team to enormous success.
Shane Sutton
A coach who takes up the role of a trainer must have the correct expertise to cope with the demands of a specific sport they need to be aware of the physical, technical and tactical demands of the sport. They should have a wide range of exercises and activities that can be plucked out when they are needed to tailor a session to a goal or to a specific athlete.
Coaches need to have a good knowledge of health and fitness principles, as a trainer, a coach should be able to implement different programmes that are appropriate for the athletes. A good trainer develops over time, using different skills of a good coach with a combination of experience develops a good trainer. As they will have relevant experience of coaching and how the environment changes, which they will know how to react to this stimuli. A good is important for athlete as it is vital for their development. It is important to be a good trainer as it can get the best out of the participants as many of the programmes can be unique to just them and can increase a performance via training the weaknesses. A good trainer would know the best types of exercises which will achieve their goal at the end of the session.Although before developing these sessions, a trainer must take into account: age, ability, interests, experience.
Example of a good trainer
Toni Minichiello is known as a good trainer, which was shown as he was voted UK Coach of the Year 2012. Toni states in an interview with the The FA that a good trainer must tailor their programmes and sessions to suit the person or team they are training as this will get the best out of them. For example Toni, while training Jessica Ennis worked towards and Olympic style programme, which the long term goal was to win the gold medal at the olympic games which she famously did. Part of a programme was to train Ennis at a track where there was a lot of crowd noise which would get her use to the performance, and crowd noise.
An athlete and coach spend considerable amounts of time together. Friendships develop, athlete and coach may share positive and negative experiences and because of these common experiences a bond evolves. When developing a relationship with anyone you learn more about their personality and a sports coach can use this knowledge to help them. Increased understand of an athlete's personality will support the coach in developing an effective training plan. When developing friendships with athletes it is important that the coach is aware of their role and clearly states the boundaries of the relationship at the start of the friendship. The athletes’ development must be the priority. At times a coach may have to criticise an athlete's performance; as a friend, this information may easily be shared, although athletes may react negatively to criticism.
Jose Mourinho has been renowned in the footballing industry to respect his players and also receive this respect back. Especially at his first spell at Chelsea in 2004, he had become friends with the players and he was loved around the club. This has been shown as he is still known to the players as a close friend, even though he is not their manager and wasn’t for 6 years. John Terry in an interview with the Telegraph said “We send each other text messages and often wish each other good luck. He's interested in our results and everything that happens at the club. He's not only in contact with me but also with (Frank) Lampard and other players.” “We worked hard and we could also talk to him about personal problems. He was a friend. We were all sad when he left.” This is outlines how good Jose is with his players and staff surrounding him. He is widely regarded as a friend to players and staff.
Example of a friend
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