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Keira Bailey

on 30 January 2013

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Transcript of WWI

WORLD WAR ONE Great War Alphabet B: Blockade E: Espionage Act C: Central Powers The alliance between Germany, Austria-Hungary, Italy, and the Ottoman Empire. Italy switches sides in 1915 and joined the Allied Powers A: Allied Power The alliance made up of Great Britain, France, Russia, and Japan. The United States joined the Allies in 1917. F: Franz Ferdinand The heir to the Austria-Hungary throne who traveled to Sarajevo , Bosnia. On July 28, 1914 both the Archduke and his wife are assassinated by a Blackhand assassin. Their deaths helped spark the war. W: Woodrow Wilson President during WWI who first wanted to kept the US out of the war, but then declared war on Germany in 1917. The 1917 act that punished anyone participating in anti-war efforts(interfering with military operations, supporting the enemy, etc.). The movement of Blacks to the North in search of jobs as the white men went to fight in the war; caused social/racial tension. Allied Powers keep US trade ships from reaching Germany, claiming the US is helping the Central Powers in their war effort. U: US Neutrality P: Powder Keg Z: Zimmerman Note Y: Yellow Mustard Gas X: Xenophobia M: Militarianism I: Imperialism N: Nationalism S: Sussex Pledge L: Lusitania T: Total War K: Kaiser Wilhelm II D: Dough Boys J: John J Pershing H:Herbert Hoover O: "Over The Top" Q: Q-ships R: Rats V: Versailles The term used for American Soldiers who fought in Europe during WWI Head of the American Relief Administration and helped shipped more food towards the American troops who were over seas. Latter became the American Presidemt United States refuse to join the war, seeing it as an opportunity for trade. This idea soon backfires and they finally join in 1918 G American general that became the leader of the American Expionditionary Force during WWI and kept the American soldiers under US command while in Europe even though the Allies wanted them under European control. The taking over one country by another; one of the main causes of the Great War German Emperor durig WWI also the last German Kaiser. Personally controlled the German Army. British passenger ship traveling to Great Britain from America. German U-boats sunk the ship, causing 159 Americans to die. This was against the Sussex Pledge and caused the US to side with the Allies. The truth about whether or not the ship was carrying weapons is still unknowm. A country needs a strong military force ready to move out when needed. One of the main causes of World War I. The pride of the country and its population. Another main cause for WWI The area that were made up of Bosnia and Serbia. Austria-hungary had control over the affairs in Bosnia while Russia controlled Serbia. The phrase used during WWI that means to charge over the tops of the trenches British decoy merchant-looking ships that held hidden weapons in order to trick U-boats into coming close before they attacked. They were successful until about 1917 when the U-boats understood what was happening. When the US tried to keep the influence of the war from the population by stopping immigrants from entering the counrty, it created the fear of foreign people and their intentions. First used by the German's during the war. Caused severe burn and injuries on soldiers. The telegram from Germany to Mexico promising lost lands they would join the Central Powers and lead an attack on the US When all details of a countries society are focused on the war effort The location where the treaty of peace between the Allied and Central powers. Agreement between the US and Germany. Germany agreed to stop sinking US merchant/passenger ships with out warning. Pests that filled the trenches, biting the soldiers and causing sickness and diseases.
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