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02.06 medieval europe and japan: developing a national identity

No description

Lina Bernal

on 6 May 2013

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Transcript of 02.06 medieval europe and japan: developing a national identity

Magna Carta Privacy Okay , so when it comes to chores , I do all mines . but my mom always wants me to do my little borther and sister chores , just because they're "playing around" .
I Deman for my mom to tell my little siblings to help out too . I'm just one person . I can't do this all by myself . It's a big house & alot of rooms for one person to clean it up in an our . Chores Food Being the oldest out of 3 kids is the worst . Since i'm the oldest , I get put with the responsibility to watch over my siblings , take care of them . Do Virtual school , cook for them and more . Sometimes I don't have enough time to do all that; I'm just one person . So when they do something bad ,all the blame is put on me instead of them asking what happend and who did it .
I would like for my parents not to leave me with so much responsibility . And to listen before blaming . To listen to everyone's side of the story . And just because i'm the oldest , doesn't mean is all to blame on me . Blaming Respect Magna Carta is a charter of liberty and political rights obtained from King John of England by his rebellious barons at Runnymede in 1215. So as of today I shall establish a system for equalness for me , and others . Privacy is very important to me . In the house , everyone has right for privacy ; EXCEPT me . This is outrageous . And I hate the fact that kids come in a barge in to my room , thinking i'm just a guest , but no . And when I close the door , they or my mother open it once again .
I would like for my mom to let me have the privacy I need . All I ask is for privacy . To knock before she enters or anyone else does . Everytime me and my mom go out to the store to buy groceries and she ask's me what do I want . I usually pick a coke , a chocolate and some ships . But when I get home , all that is gone due to the fact that my siblings take it and eat it with out anyone's permission. Or when I buy food for me , my dad's family or my mom's cousin decide to go look for it and eat it .
I would like for my parents to tell my siblings NOT to eat the food I ask in the stores . Atleast they can ask for the food they want . And also for my parents to tell there family to quit eating MY food . I save it for some reason don't I ? . I Find that very disrespectful . So , equal respect right ? WRONG . My parents all talk about respect and , how much respect this , how much respect that . But yet again I get NOTHING . When my parents talk , I always listen . But when it's MY turn they shut me down and never let me say what I need to get out of my chest. I always talk to my siblings about respect , and how we're supposed to respect each other . But they do the opposite . They call me horrible names and make me feel super bad . Mean while , my parents don't say anything to them . They just sit there and laugh . So when I say anything to them , i'm the bad one AND I get in trouble .
I would like for my parents to give me the respect I deserve . To let me speak . Also , to tell my siblings to respect me , just as much as I respect them . Lending my Belongings My parents always critic me , because I don't let my siblings borrown my things . But why ? Because they end up destroying them . Then when I get mad and through a fit because my things are destroyed I get in trouble .
I would love it if my parents would understand me on my lending my things point of view . And if they would tell my siblings to not touch or ask for my things . Unless they give me something of theirs so I know that they break my things , I get to keep the priced possesions . Stress My family in all puts alot of stress . Mostly my dad . He ALWAYS ask's me how i'm doing in school , and what grades do I have , if they're all A's and what i'm gonna do after high school and how I have to go to college so I can become a doctor . I can't deal with so much stuff at once .
I would like if my dad let the present be the present and the future be the future . Not to choke me with so much stress , I already have enough from school & I really don't need more from my dad . Noises -.- My mom always naggs about me going to sleep early . But guess what ? I can't because my annoying siblings , everynight decided to have a concert in my room and jump on the beds . And when it's the weekend , I wake up super early , from there screaming and taunting me and touching my things .
I would love it , if my parents would shut there mouths or teach them how to respect when i'm trying to sleep and when I'm sleeping .
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