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Transport policy and tourism:The case of UK airport policy

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Ece Demir

on 10 March 2014

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Transcript of Transport policy and tourism:The case of UK airport policy


Projected demand forecasts were produced for air travel to 2030 under two assumptions:
unconstrained demand
, where demand would rise from 228 million passengers per annum in 2005 to 490 million in 2030

constrained demand
,where there is an assumption that by 2010 passengers will be paying for the effects of climate change,providing forecast of traffic increasing from MPPA in 2005 to 465 million MPPA in 2030
criticisms about new project
Enviromental Change Instiute (ECI)
The Future for Air Transportation (2003)
ECI point to the potential impact
UK domesting tourism
the consequences might be a net increase in regenerating many destinations
the deficit was estimated to be £15 billion in the red
ECI report criticizes the aviation industry
In British Coachways,megabus.com has introduced sophisticated yield management systems
In 2003,the UK depatment for Transport issued a White Paper setting out its proposed policy for airport development in UK to 2033.
Air travel has increased fivefold during 1970-2002
Transport policy and tourism:The case of UK airport policy
Scottish rival - Citylink
This joint venture is expected to generate annual revenue of £18 million in Scottish coach market

long distance coach operators such as National Express
Innovation in coach travel - Stagecoach's megabus.com
online sales have also been complemented by a call centre for telephone bookings.
increase comfort level on longer distance routes
In 2006, company invested 11 million in 45 new 63 seater vehicles
Stagecoach Group
international transport group
found in 1980
The group is based in Scotland
operations in the UK and North America
launched in August 2003
low cost inter city bus travel serving UK
single fares is £1.00 plus a booking fee
first major competition of any significance for UK's National Express inter-city coach service

Fares are from £1 for a single ticket plus a 50 pence booking fee.
offer integrated coach and rail services from East Midlands on Megabus plus routes
In October 2005, the company replicate the megatrain
By 2010,megatrain.com was offering £1 fares to 30 locations in UK
Enviromental effects of low-cost easyJet flights compared to megabus
Stagecoach company has many enviromental awards
The company has also launced services in Canada
Th coaches contain : free WiFi , recylining seats , safety belts , reading lights ,DVD and 8 channel CD capabilities.

British Airport Authority,airlines and freight companies argued for the major economic benefits of air transport to the UK economy

The October 2006 Department for Transport Attitudes of,and Experiences Towards Air Travel study underlined the strong aspirations
UK Airpot policy since the White Paper has also seen two landmark decision:
In 2009,The Competition Comission report BAA to sell two of its London airport
In 2010,the new Coalition government rejected proposols for new airport development and runway construction in South East England
Transport policy and tourism: The case of UK airport policy
Innovation in coach travel - Stagecoach's megabus.com
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