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Utah Jazz Players

The players on the Utah Jazz in the 2012-13 season

Isaiah Pack

on 19 February 2013

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Transcript of Utah Jazz Players

Salt Lake City, UT The Utah Jazz the 2012-13 season. The Utah Jazz are a team from the National Basketball Association (NBA). They play in Salt Lake City, Utah. This prezi will be about the players on the team in Mo Williams Our 1st stop is Jackson, Mississippi. This is where Mo Williams, Utah's current starting point guard, is from. He has played 9 1/2 seasons in the NBA with 4 different teams. He is also a former All-Star. Jackson, MS Newark, NJ Randy Foye Next, we go to Newark, New Jersey. This is where Randy Foye grew up, who currently starts for the Jazz at the 2-guard position. Foye has played for 4 teams in his 6 1/2 year career in the NBA. His specialty is three-pointers. Birmingham, AL DeMarre Carroll We are now in Birmingham, Alabama, where Jazz forward DeMarre Carroll is from. Carroll has played with four different teams in his 3 1/2 year career. He has started 16 games so far with the Jazz. Grandview, MO Alec Burks This is Grandview, Missouri, where Alec Burks is from. The Jazz guard averaged 7.2 points a game in his rookie season, which was last season. Indianapolis, IN Gordon Hayward Here we are in Indianapolis, Indiana, where Gordon Hayward is from. Hayward is a forward who has played for the Jazz his entire two year NBA career. Hayward averages about 8.5 points per game for his career, and has about 75 starts going into this season. Earl Watson Kansas City, KS Atlanta, GA Derrick Favors This is Atlanta, Georgia, where Derrick Favors is from. Favors is in his 3rd NBA season, playing 1/2 a season with New Jersey before coming to Utah. He averaged 8.8 points and 6.5 rebounds with the Jazz last season. Bremerton, WA Marvin Williams This is Bremeron, Washington, where Jazz forward Marvin Williams is from. Williams is in his 8th NBA season, but only his 1st with the Jazz. He averaged 10.2 points and 5.2 rebounds in his last season with the Atlanta Hawks. Miami, FL Now this is Kansas City, Kansas, where Earl Watson is from. He has played 11 seasons in the NBA for 5 different teams, and this is his 3rd year with the Jazz. He averaged 3 points and 4.3 assists last year for the Jazz.
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