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Save the Moon for Kerdy Dickus

By: Zack, Tyler, Brad, Megan, and Cody W.

Zack Hammel

on 27 September 2012

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Transcript of Save the Moon for Kerdy Dickus

By:Tim Wynne-Jones Save the Moon for Kerdy Dickus 1)The family is watching the same movie they watch every Christmas " Its a Wonderful Life". (p.82)
2)While cooking snacks for the movie they see a stranger standing outside their door.(p.83)
3) They invite him in to get him out of the terrible storm. The Stranger is very timid and almost seems scared of Ky and her family. He is always asking "where am I?" and seems very disoriented. The Mori family asks him why he is out in this terrible storm to which he responds that he and his father were out at a family dinner and had a couple of drinks and were driving home when they saw one of the brightest lights ever! While looking at the light his father and him crashed into the ditch. Ky's family provides the stranger with tea, blankets and okonomiyaki and jokes that, "You'd better save some room for turkey dinner." After minutes of mumbling and rambling on the stranger seems to remember something! He tells Ky's family, " I'll call my neighbor Lloydy Rintoul, he has a tractor he'll be able to pull the truck out!" The family desperately tries to tell him it is not a good idea but regardless, the Stranger sets out with borrowed yellow poncho and flashlight in hand, never to be seen again. (pp.83-89)
4)Next day Ky's family doesn't see a truck in the ditch nor any sight of the stranger they encountered last night. Ky and her mom go to the grocery store and while in the check out line Ky sees a story in the tabloids, retold by the stranger of an alien abduction and seeing a bright light (the Mori home). (p.90)
5) When Ky finished reading the magazine she thought about maybe contacting the paper and telling her story and telling them more of the truth about last night but decided against it. (p.91)
6) Ky always thought that one day she'll meet the stranger outside the grocery store and he'll be wearing the poncho and holding the flashlight and he'll whisper, "Save the Moon For Kerdy Dickus" to her. Had he been of sound mind that night, he would say, "Save some room for turkey dinner."
(p.92) Plot Graph The short story "Save the Moon for Kerdy Dickus" takes place either in the near future or present and its two days before christmas. Ky's parents Tan and Barbra Mori are computer tech's they know anything to do with hardware software and anything else when is comes to computers. They constantly have computers on and fax machines running and lights flashing. Ky's house is like a big glass igloo its completely see through.
The setting is important because without knowing what the Mori house looks like and what the weather was like the story wouldnt make any sense. Setting Stranger..
The Stranger seems like any lost person just looking to get warm, until you get to know him and his story. The Stranger is constantly saying things like "where am I" ? He goes and walks out into the storm in a drunken rant looking for his neighbor Lloydy Rintoul so he can pull his truck out of the ditch. The Stranger is described as tall, big with black hair and his wet clothes smelled of alcohol and cigarette smoke. Ky's family reacts to the stranger very timid and almost scared of him at first but quickly becomes very kind and giving to the stranger, drying his clothes giving him towels, tea, and food. He doesn't seem all there and when you are under the influence of drugs or alcohol your interpretation of things can become your reality. Character Analysis The narrator's point of view in this story is third person. The narrator is actually Ky's friend she wasn't there when the stranger appeared at the door but Ky told her the story and she is retelling it. The narrator has limited omniscient she knows some things like how Ky and some of her other family was kind of scared and how he reminded Ky of the bear she saw at the Zoo after it had went swimming. Narrative Point of View The message in this short story is when you are under the influence of drugs or alcohol your preception becomes your reality, which is altered. Theme Man to Man: Was between the Mori family and not knowing what to do with the stranger that appeared on there door step.
Man to Self: Was the Stranger battling against his altered sense of self, and not knowing what was really going on.
Man to Society: Was the stranger telling a false story to the paper unknowingly and it getting published.
Man to Supernatural: The stranger thinking that he actually had been abducted by aliens in his drunken stupor. Conflict
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