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Vietnam War 1965-1975

By Kostner and Chase

Chase Goebel

on 27 April 2010

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Transcript of Vietnam War 1965-1975

Vietnam War 1965-1975 North Vietnam wanted South Vietnam to be a joined communist country. What motivated this event Personalities People Nations Jimmy Carter
President of the United States 1977 - 1981
pardoned draft dodgers of the Vietnam War Ho Chi Mihn
Vietnamese communist leader
First President of North Vietnam in 1954
Led the North during the Vietnam War

Lyndon B. Johnson
Vice president under John F. Kennedy
Became president in 1963 after Kennedys assassination
Sent U.S. combat troops into Vietnam John F. Kennedy
Elected president in 1960
Sends U.S. advisors to South Vietnam
Assassinated in 1963
Henry Kissinger
National security advisor and secretary of state during Nixon administration
Represented United States in peace negotiations with North Vietnam
Le Duc Tho
North Vietnamese communist leader
Represented North Vietnam in peace negotiations with the United States Robert McNamara
U.S. Sectretary of Defence 1961 - 68
Doubted that the U.S. would win the war
Ngo Dinh Diem
Became president of South Vietnam in 1954
Lost Support of the United States
Killed when his government was overthrown in 1963
Richard Nixon
Elected president of the United States in 1969
Secret bombing of Cambodia in 1969
Vietnamization policy reduces amount of American troops in Vietnam
Ended American involvment in the war William Westermoreland
Commander of American Forces during the Vietnam War Gerald Ford
Becomes president after Nixon resigns in 1974
Pardons Nixon
United States
Wanted to prevent a communist takeover of South Vietnam
South Korea
Second largest amount of troops in South Vietnam with the U.S. having the most Soviet Union
Supplied North Vietnam with medical supplies and military equipment
The Second indochina war North Vietnamese attacked an US ship
off the Gulf on Tonklin In August 1964, the US start operation
rolling thunder over North Veitnam, where
they bomb the country. In August 1964 the US congress
passed the Gulf on Tonklin resolution, allowing the president to use as much force as needed against North Vietnam, without a declartion of war.
What was the effect on the Cold War? The Vietnam War increased tension between the United States and the U.S.S.R. The Soviet Union was not fighting the war directly
but did supply aid to North Vietnam and supported
North Vietnam diplomatically. Operation Giant Lance
Secret U.S. military operation
Nixon sent 18 B-52 bombers to the border of soviet airspace
They were loaded with nuclear weapons
Nixon was trying to convince the Soviet Union that he would do anything to end the Vietnam War
Bibliography Vietnam War reference library 5v, 2001 DONE ,Thank you
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