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The Physics behind Boxing

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Arun Arulparan

on 11 April 2014

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Transcript of The Physics behind Boxing

Protection Equipment
Main equipment used are

Interesting Facts
If superman were to punch it would cause an impact of 190 quadrillion joules and the energy being release would be 50 trillion times hotter than the sun
The great boxer Muhammad Ali started boxing after a cop suggested it after someone stole his bike
Archie Moore holds the record for the most knockouts during a career with 141
Muhammad Ali has lost to more amateur boxers than professional boxers
The Physics Behind Boxing
By: Moosa and Arun
The Magic behind boxing
Newton's First Law
FBD of a punch
A fist is at maximum velocity when it collides with it's target
The lineage of boxing first originated in Ancient Egypt during the third millennium where the Egyptians introduced it as a spectator sport
Modern day boxing can be traced back to Europe where the first rules were first set by Jack Boughton
Social Implications
Newton's First Law - Before a punch is thrown the boxer will remain in a balanced position, at the point of contact the punch will deliver a force causing it knock the opponent out of balance
Newton's Second Law
A larger person would yield a stronger punch because they deliver a stronger force, As there is more mass the force will be greater
The acceleration of a punch is similar for most boxers
Newton's Third Law
Kinetic and Potential Energy
When boxers are in the ready position, they have potential energy originating from muscles and various bodily functions
Speed of the Fist = Distance / Time
As the boxer moves their hand to strike, the energy is converted to kinetic energy.
Speed can be increased by:
Increasing distance (arm length)
decreasing the time of impact (acceleration)
Momentum (P) = Mass * Velocity
Momentum can be seen as an object’s tendency to resist change in acceleration
Impulse is the change in momentum of a certain object
Impulse = Force * Time
Center Of Gravity
Momentum and Impulse
The center of gravity is the point where the mass of an object is concentrated

The lower your center of gravity the greater stability

To help lower the center of gravity boxers bend their knees

1. Before the fist makes contact with face it has a momentum and the head has a a momentum of 0
2.During the contact, there is a transfer of momentum from the fist and arm to the head of the opponent.
3. Although momentum is conserved when looking at both boxers the person taking hit, his/her momentum has changed from zero
Boxing Gloves
Mouth Guard
-Gloves are used to increase the surface area of the punch
-Slows down the punch

Inelastic and Elastic Collision

Physics helps a great deal in understanding boxing
A thorough Understanding of physics would greatly help in a career of boxing
Elastic collision- The fist hits the target and bounces off
Total momentum Conserved
Inelastic collision- The fist hits the target, connects with the target and both the fist and target continue to move together
Net force= Mass x Acceleration
Kinetic Energy= 1/2 x Mass x Velocity ^2
Ali Shuffle
Float Like a butterfly, Sting like a bee
-Muhammad Ali
Should boxing be banned?
Should boxers wear more protective gear?
Why should people learn how to box?
Protects the boxer when he is receiving a punch
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