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9C Holy Places, Holy Things and Holy Actions

Garin College

April Williams

on 18 February 2014

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Transcript of 9C Holy Places, Holy Things and Holy Actions

What is Tapu?
How should we treat something that is tapu?
Catholics and Christians have things that are Taonga and Tapu
Why? Whats in a Church?
What do we do in a church?
What is it for?
How can you show respect in Gods house?
What is Taonga?
What is something that is a taonga to you?
Holy Places, Holy Things and Holy Actions
Height ceiling/ steeple- heaven and earth touching in the Eucharist
Churches are designed in the shape of a cross

The design of a church is to remind us of Gods relationship to us
Altar, lectern, crucifix, tabernacle

sign of Christ's sacrifice, giving his body for us
the word of God is proclaimed
sign of gods love as he suffers for us
Christ is present in the most holy sacrament

Baptismal font, sanctuary lamp
Symbolizes: Cleansing from sin, doing the sign of the cross in the fonts as you enter a church you are reminding yourself of your baptism

Symbolizes: Signify Presence of God, light of Christ, red- fire of the Holy Spirit

HW:What is it? Where does it go?
Find a picture for each of the items below and draw arrows as to where they go in the Church
sanctuary lamp
priest/bishops chair
stations of the cross
statue of Mary
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