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Brooklyn by Colm Tóibín

Brooklyn by Colm Tóibín

Noelle Lawless

on 2 May 2013

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Transcript of Brooklyn by Colm Tóibín

Brief Summary Personal element Brief Summary -She meets a young Italien men at the Friday night dance classes -I did not plan on reading this novel , my plan was to read Huckleberry Finn Brooklyn By Colm Tóibín -Novel set in Enniscorthy Co.Wexford during the 1950's -Main characters-Eilis-A young girl who felt loft in her life in Enisscorthy , she felt as if she had no opportunites here , Tony-A young Italien men living in Brooklyn who is very kind and respectful towards women , I became aware of this because of how well he treated Eilis -A young girl named Eilis who lived in Enniscorthy but found it difficult to get any opportunities in life -Her sister Rose arranged a meeting with Father Flood so he could inform her of the job opportunities in New York Brooklyn -They fall in love but a tragedy occurs in Eilises family which causes her to return back to Ireland -When Eilis returns to Ireland she is faced with a dilemma based on choosing between two people -Before making my decision I read a number of summary's on a variety of different books -One element of Brooklyn's summary stood out for me and was that something occurs which forces Eilis to go home and this leaves her in a dilemma -I felt adamant to read this book and find out what happens that would force her to be in a dilemma between two people when her life was going so great Critical element Likes: -Very realistic novel - it does not follow the usual Hollywood classic love story's , it faces problems throughout the relationship such as when Eilis wasn't sure whether she loved Tony or not -Characters are very relatable - They are not extremely wealthy people, they are your average everyday people -You feel connected with them because of this Critical element Dislikes: -The novel is divided into four parts and it novel does not really begin until the third part,it was very drawn -The first two parts are based around her life in Brooklyn and her problems , it becomes quite boring -She decided to emigrate because of the job opportunites in relation to book-keeping and accountancy -She got a job at Bartocci's Store and goes to night classes to study Accountancy and Book-keeping Critic's View -A critic once described this novel as being ''Magnificant'' and ''Unforgettable''
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