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Phonetic 발표

Hyun-sil Park

on 4 October 2012

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Transcript of 영어학개론(2)

201101518 Park Hyunsil
201101552 Park Huijin Phonetics Write the symbol that corresponds to each of the following phonetic descriptions, then give an English word that contains this sound. Exercise6 For each group of sounds listed, state the phonetic feature(s) they all share. Exercise 9 What phonetic property or feature distinguishes the sets of sounds in column A from those in column B? Exercise 11 Exercise 12 Which of the following sound pairs have the same manner of articulation, and what is that manner of articulation? Exercise6 Cheer song This cattle (cc) image by nuonsolarteam on Flickr Bilabial Labiodental STOP NASAL Some Phonetic Symbols for American English Consonants (cc) image by anemoneprojectors on Flickr Interdental Alveolar Palatal Velar Glottal FRICATIVE AFFRICATE GLIDE LIQUID Voiceless
Voiced Voiceless
Voiced Voiceless
Voiced Voiceless
Voiced Voiced Central
Lateral P
b t
d k
g m n f
v s
z r
l h Spot letter Yard benefit blue tip Part of the Tongue Involved Tongue
Height HIGH MID LOW FRONT CENTRAL BACK i e u o a j Exercise 11 Labial: p b m f v


Anteriors: p b m f v

Sibilants: s z Manner of Articulation Voice/Voiceless Aspirate/Unaspirated Nasal/Oral
Fricative Affricate
Liquid Glide Approximant
Trill and Flap
Click R
d Any question? Thank you Lateral sounds are produced with the tongue placed in such a way as to prevent the airstream flowing outward through the center of the Mouth, while allowing it to pass over one or both sides of the tongue, central sounds do not involve such a constriction. Lateral/Central Reference ; http://cafe.naver.com/stjohn1981/2120
Articulatory Correlates of Distinctive Features

. From Morris Halle and G. N. Clements, Problem Book in Phonology, Cambridge, MA: MIT Press, 1983 Reference; http://www.rachelsenglish.com/sounds 없음http://blog.naver.com/sendic?Redirect=Log&logNo=40043975622&jumpingVid=93067C7EAC32A169665132DC0B68F95D72A7
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