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DNA for SBI 3U


Melissa Holterman

on 7 February 2018

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Transcript of DNA for SBI 3U

A Look at DNA
DNA strand
The DNA helix coils
up to form a
You get one set of chromosomes from Mom's egg (a HAPLOID cell),
and one set from Dad's sperm (a HAPLOID cell). The matching chromosomes from each set are called HOMOLOGOUS CHROMOSOMES

Example: Eye colour
Two sets of chromosomes in a cell
makes the cell DIPLOID. So, all your cells (SOMATIC CELLS), except your egg or sperm cells (GERM LINE CELLS) are diploid.
Different people may have different instructions at the gene.
These are called ALLELES.
Example: Blue eyes, brown

DNA is a chemical that contains instructions to make all of our traits.
DNA has a
double helix shape.
You have
46 chromosomes
(23 pairs) in your
somatic cells
The part of the chromosome that has the information to make a trait is called a GENE
In Interphase, the DNA is loosely packed in the nucleus. It is called CHROMATIN in this state.
Just before cell division, it duplicates
Despite the fact that this is duplicated DNA,
we almost always draw the chromosome this

Always the same allele
May be different alleles or
the same alleles
How do we know Look up the
what genes are Human Genome
where? Project!

Remember the cell cycle...
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