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Lau Remedies

Presentation of Lau Remedies

Rocio Ortiz

on 4 May 2011

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Transcript of Lau Remedies

Lau Remedies, 1974 This led to the school district signing a “consent decree agreeing to provide bilingual education for Chinese, Filipino, and Hispanic children” (Lau). The Remedies were very detailed and very specific. They were noted as follows:

• Identifying and evaluating national origin minority students' English language skills;

•Determining appropriate instructional treatments;

•Deciding when LEP children were ready for mainstream classrooms;

•Determining the professional standards to be met by teachers of language-minority children In 1970, Chinese-American students that had limited English proficiency filed a suit against the San Francisco School District stating that they were not receiving equal opportunity in education as the English speaking students, using the Title IV of the Civil Rights Act of 1964. As a result of their concern over this manner of ineffective instruction, the Chinese-American community tried to resolve the problem by setting up “meetings with school administrators, proposed different solutions to solve the situation, went to board meetings to demand bilingual education, staged protests, etc.” (Lau). The basis of the lawsuit was to afford every child instruction in a language they could understand and therefore, avoid educational discrimination of these children. 3 Goals
Improve students' English proficiency
Core curriculum in primary languages
Maintain students' cultural identity In 1975, continued efforts to provide all children the right to proper instruction was pursued by the Education Commissioner of the Department of Health. This effort is now recognized as the Lau Remedies. By Flor Flores & Rocio Ortiz
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