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Marie Abisse

on 6 May 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

The Secret life of a Teenager in Africa Ivory Coast Study in first and fun in second SCANDAL, FUN, PARTY
ALL TIME DRAMA, FUN, SCANDAL We start school in Sept. to finish in
July. We go to school Monday to Friday. We have a lot of subjects like French, English, science, maths, etc...
School is more harder because we learned so much in quick time. Girls wear blue & white as an uniform and boys wear khaki.
WE'RE HAVING FUN IN CONCERT, SOME TEENAGER HAVE THEIR LOVE STORY, THEY DON'T WORRIED ABOUT WHAT HAPPENED NEXT. We text all time to have the new gossip of month or whatever. We hang out with our friends in weekend when we finish study.
Life is more fun there because you have your family, your friend, you're used to it to the place. Sometimes, you can go to concert, party all time...
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