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We're Going On A Bear Hunt!

No description

Hannah Moffat

on 25 October 2013

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Transcript of We're Going On A Bear Hunt!

We're Going
on a

Google Drive Link

To use knowledge of familiar texts to
re-enact a story and recount the main points in the correct sequence.
Who has heard of this
story before?

Can anyone tell me what happens?
Let's hear Michael Rosen
telling the story of
Going on a Bear Hunt...
In talk partners,
what did you notice about Michael Rosen when he was telling the story?
Let's add these comments to our noticeboard...

Now lets think of the order of the story.

What do they find first in the story, after they set off on the bear hunt?
Now in groups,
you are going to reenact the story, visiting of all the different places in order like they are in the book!

Remember all of the features that Michael Rosen used, that we added to our noticeboard.

Here's some picture clues to help you along with reenacting the story.
Now thinking about the story's order, where did the characters visit first when they left their house?
Where after that? What did they do when they got to the cave?
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