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Everything on a Waffle

No description

Marit Swenson

on 11 March 2014

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Transcript of Everything on a Waffle

I thought the theme of this book was that you have to keep on beliving in something no matter what anybody else tells you.
Everything on a Waffle
By: Polly Horvath
Published By: Scholastic Inc.
Copyright: 2001
Marit Swenson

This book was set in the late 1900's in Coal Harbour, British Columbia
Primroses parents go out to sea and never come back. She knows in her heart that they will come back, but everyone else seems to belive their dead
She runs into many problems, including losing a toe and suffering long hours listening to Miss Honeycut, the school counsoelor, tell boring stories about her life.
Will Primrose survive at all? And, most importantly, will she ever get to see her parents again?
Main Characters
Primrose - An 11 year old girl, who loses her parents at sea and nobody seems to understand her
Uncle Jack - Primroses uncle who comes to take care of her
Miss Honeycut - Primroses school counselor who doesn't actually help Primrose and just talks about her own life stories
Miss Perfidy - The old lady who is losing her memory and took care of Primrose before Uncle Jack came
Miss Bowzer - She owns the restaurant called The Girl on the Red Swing
Minor Characters
Primroses Parents
She has to go live live with her next door neighbor, Miss Perfidy, who is forgetting many things. Finally, she moves to a more permanent home with her Uncle Jack.
I really liked this book. I recomend this book for people who like realistic fiction.
Polly Horvath was born on January 30th, 1957. She won the 2003 U.S. National Book Award for Young People's Literature for her book, The Canning Season. Some other books by her are The Trolls, Northward to the Moon, and The Happy Yellow Car.
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