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NFL Citys

No description

Jish Martin

on 19 September 2012

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Transcript of NFL Citys

NFL Expansion Project By:
Jish Martin
Jim Allen
Katie Stueckle
Hayley Miller
Aaron S. Background The NFL is expanding their teams from 32 to 40. We needed to add 8 new teams, and choose the cities they are based in. We made these decisions based on the cities population, per capita, and demand for a team. We also had to consider the NFC and AFC divisions, and the different regions (North, South, East, West). Blue: Existing teams
Yellow: New teams We took data from the 2005 census and chose potential cities based on population, per capita income, and demand for a team. Our 8 new teams (based on Division and region) were: South: Memphis, Tennessee
East: Virginia Beach, Virginia
West: Portland, Orgeon
North: Omaha, Nebraska AFC NFC South: Albuquerque, New Mexico
East: Columbia, South Carolina
West: Henderson City, Nevada
North: Columbus, Ohio The Las Vegas Leopards Based in Henderson City, Nevada due to limited space in the heart of Las Vegas.
NFC West
Population: 232,146
Population Change: 32.3%
Median Household income/ Median family income: 61,483/72,417
Per Capita: 32,335
We believe there would also be a good demand for a football team in/near Vegas, as many people vacationing in Vegas could go and see a game between the other attractions. Portland Pythons Based in Portland Oregon.
Population: 533,427
AFC West
Population Change:.8%
Median household Income/Median family income: 42,287/55,321
Per Capita: 26,677
We believe Portland is a good choice for an NFL team because it has good population and a decent Per Capita. Virginia Beach Velociraptors Based in Virginia Beach, Virginia.
Population: 438,415
AFC East
Population Change:3.1%
Median Household income/Median Family Income: 58,545/66,102
Per Capita:28,064
We believe Virginia Beach would be a good place for a team because there are many large cities centered around it and it has a high median income. Omaha Olympians Based in Omaha, Nebraska.
Population: 414,521.
AFC North
Population change:5.9%
Median household income/Median family income:40,484/51,637
Per Capita:23,500
We believe Omaha is a good place for a team because it has a good median income and has a high enough population to support the franchise. Memphis Martyrs Based in Memphis, Tennessee.
Population: 672,277
AFC South
Population Change:(-1.6)%
Median Household income/Median family income:33,244/40,111
Per Capita:20,279
We believe Memphis is a good place for a team because the population is high and there are not any NFL teams in Mississippi, Alabama,or Arkansas. Columbus Crusaders Based in Columbus, Ohio
NFC North
Population Change: 2.6%
Median Household income/Median Family income: 40,405/47,229
Per Capita:22,130
We felt like Columbus would be a good city to add a NFL team because it has the population and per capita to support it, along with a high demand for football in the area. Albuquerque Armadillos Based in Albuquerque, New Mexico
NFC South
Population Change:10.2%
Median Household income/Median Family income:41,820/54,570
Per Capita: 24,576
We believe Albuquerque would be a good place for a team because it has many football fans in Western Texas and has a high population to support the franchise. Columbia Coyotes Based in Columbia, South Carolina
NFC East
Population Change:1%
Median Household income/Median Family income:34,196/47,811
Per Capita: 26,416
We chose Columbia to add a NFL team because it Has a good population, per capita, and currently has no NFL team of its own, just one shared by their neighboring state, North Carolina
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