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By Robin Hillman

Martha Montgomery

on 30 April 2013

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Transcript of Hybrid

General Categories Equipment Education and Training Hybrid Technology Challenges Robin Hillman
Hologic -Equipment
-Education and training
-Application training
-Vendor response
-Educational program
-Customers Blended Ionizing Radiation Modalities Challenges Equipment advancing faster than education

Expectations that equipment will be operated effectively, efficiently, and safely

Diversity of skills in separate modalities PET -- CT Blended Ionizing Imaging With Non-Ionizing Imaging
PET-MRI Multiple modalities in the same suite Mammography Breast Ultrasound Breast MRI Other Scenarios Education and Training
Vendor Response Are there strategies for preparing customers?
Send two application specialist each certified in different modalities? How is competency measured and maintained? Vendor Liability

Will vendors require applications specialists to be dual certified? Educational Programs Are there educational programs that prepare students to take more than one certification program? Certification Plans for hybrid

Thoughts around limited licensure

Dual credentialing required for working

How can vendors enforce potential rules Customers
Customer Impact

Impact on cost to facility if errors are made due to less than optimal training practice

Impact on patient care without formal training plan/proficiency

Impact when technologist are force to use complicated modality with only superficial training Anything Else? Applications training can be a struggle What happens when...

The RTs lack proficiency in understanding the modality in its entirety.
Training may become merely teaching steps but not comprehension of concepts Customer Challenges
Hybrid Staffing

States have different rules as to who can operate

Staffing suites with more than one modality RTs operating additional and complex technologies ( like US and MR) in the imaging suite without formal training? What happens when...

RTs are not engaged during applications training, but cross training is now a part of their responsibilities? Education and Training The RTs don't have the same level of knowledge and experience in same modality?
Sometimes superficial training is given when trying to train them side by side Applications can be a struggle
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