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Online Tools for Helicopter Pilots

No description

Mick Cullen

on 21 September 2010

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Transcript of Online Tools for Helicopter Pilots

Affability Timeline Start training........................................................................Finish training....Look for a job.... Email Address gmail.com
live.com Domain names
A$12.34/yr A$1.28/mo www.yourname.com mail@yourname.com Presentation Likeability Do you fit the 'product' of your employer Flying Skill and Experience What else do you bring to the party? Can prospective employers find you? Google Reader Google Alerts Bad News Good News Congruency Does your CV / Resume match your real self? Are you where they are? Scope www.aeropower.com.au top of your resume

first impressions

presentation / what does it say about you ilikebeer@email.com
Different for job search to family and friends firstname.lastname@gmail.com Social Media - Why? When to look for a job? Online Tools for Helicopter Pilots - Get that Job! Do they know you exist? Email account name that is appropriate for business use Helicopter pilots looking for their first job

Less so airline or larger companies

Looking for 'bang for your buck'

Things you can do today 6 months of time 'wasted' Research Forums Computing in the Cloud Usernames Most Social Media Sites will need you to register a username

Similar consideration to emails

Typically first in best dressed on username

Don't delay! Technology Diffusion Ability Availability VS RSS Feed Icon There Can Be Only One! Cheap - $$$ vs time Lots of little interactions Only so many times you can call Learn about Internet Marketing Hang out where employers are Google Adwords
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