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sienna maddie

on 13 December 2013

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Transcript of Graceling


The hero's journey
Call to adventure
1. Po’s leaving to find who stole his grandfather and why
• Katsa, Giddon and Oll went to King Murgons dungeons to save the Lienid kings father. On the way out Katsa met another Lienid, but knocked him out instead of killing him. The man ended up coming to their court, and he turned out to be a prince of Lienid, asking for the Kings father, who they just saved
2. Giddon asks for her hand in marriage
• She doesn’t want to marry because she doesn't want kids or to be stuck in with someone she doesn't love. She is afraid no one understands her needs, so they would not respect her well enough by letting her leave and come whenever,
3. Po helped her realize she didn’t need to bend to the will of Randa
• She was called to Randas court when she didn’t bring back what he wanted and they had a face off.
• Katsa was a part of the Council- a group of people who
did things to help the people of the kingdoms

Supernatural Aid
• Po is a graceling
• Named after trees in Lienid that are gold and silver,
like his eyes
• He tells people his grace is fighting so that they don’t
use him
• His real grace is complicated
-He knows what you think about him
-He can tell how people are going to move, and how they
-He can see all around him in his mind
-He can sense people around him
• He helps the council find the motive of
the Kings fathers capture

Brother Battle
• Po didn’t tell Katsa his real grace, only that it was a fighting grace
• She felt betrayed and got very mad
• She didn’t think it was fair
• He was mad because he couldn’t control it, but no longer wanted to hide it
“Even now he was reading her mind. “Stop it,” she spat out. “Stop it. How dare you, you traitor imposter, you…”” (pg 146). This shows how
betrayed Katsa felt.
Road of trials
• Hotel on the way to Lecks castle
• They talk to five men who claim to have information for the council
• They say he didn’t do it, but Po finds something in their minds that said he was guilty, but they also believe he didn't do it.
• The men insult Katsa and Po, but they need to restrain each other and their control is tested.

Sacred Marriage
• Katsa and Po
• Katsa doesn’t want to get married because she wouldn't be free enough, and she would feel caged.
• They end up being together, but no marriage involved so she has the freedom she is in need of
“Almost as beautiful as you are conceited, she thought at him, and he laughed out loud.”
(pg 243). This shows they have respect
and love for each other
Dragon Battle
• Leck was a danger
• Save Bitterblue, Lecks daughter and heir to the
• Came to a clearing where a woman, Lecks wife, was screaming, then got shot by Leck and his men
• Po told Katsa to shoot at Leck, but she became confused because he seemed to be grieving for his wife
• Po covered her ears and dragged her into the forest
• Lecks grace doesn’t affect Po because he can read Lecks intentions
“But wasn’t it Leck’s arrow that had struck Ashen? But
Po had been so strange, too, telling her to shoot
Leck as he grieved over his wife.” (pg 272).
This shows the danger they were in, and
how it only affected Katsa not
Magic flight
• Po tries to get close to Leck to kill him
• He failed and fled, but they shot at his horse
• The horse falls on a steep hill, and Po falls headfirst into water
• Po becomes too ill and dizzy to continue
• Katsa has to continue with Bitterblue for that was the point of the mission, and they plan on going through the closest city
• Change plans because they would be spotted and go over the mountains
• It takes them weeks, and they almost die on multiple occasions, for example when Katsa was attacked by a mountain lion.
• When they get to Grella’s pass the coldest and worst weathered moutain range in the Seven Kingdoms, Katsa runs with
Bitterblue in her arms
• A task impossible without Katsa’s survival grace, many others have died in an attempt to pass

Entering the belly of the whale
• Katsa gets to Po’s castle, intending on using it as a safehouse for Bitterblue
• People are telling her the King is already there
• King Leck is in the throne
“Katsa looked up to see strangers sitting around the walls of a long room; and at the room’s end, smiling and appraising them through a single eye, king Leck of Monsea.” (pg 410)
• Throws a knife and kills him when he threatens to tell Po’s secret, even though she was under his spell,
she remembered she loved Po, and that he
had a secret she needed to keep safe.

Crossing the return Threshold
• Katsa returns by sea, with Po’s favorite brother Skye
• She travels back to the Cabin where they had left Po when he was ill
• The Lienid king, Bitterblue, Skye and some escorts come
• They stay there until Po’s is well again
• Katsa learns that Po lost his vision from the fall
““Po. Are you blind?” At that, something inside him seemed to break.” (pg 445). Po had tried to hide that he was blind from Katsa, but it made him very upset, and since he only knew what was arond him and couldn'd see the beauty in it, he felt he had lost something big.
by : Kristin Cashore
• Katsa is born a graceling, one of the more or less rare people born with an extreme skill
• Graced with killing
• Often left out because gracelings are different and not well understood, so they keep away
• Uncle is king
• Her uncle uses her to do his dirty work, when people displease him he sends Katsa
Black sheep in a pack of white sheep to show that Katsa's being left out and herded to the will of the king.
“They’d never liked her before, for no one liked the Graced, but at least they’d tolerated her presence. Now there was no pretense of friendliness” (pg 10)
How does being a graceling affect Katsa?
• Out cast because everyone is afraid of her
• Used by the king Randa to inforce laws
• Not treated the way she should be at her rank, for she should have suitors and marry rich, but she is treated more like a vicious dog

Fork in the road to represent choices because she made a lot of choices which led her to where she is now

Symbol: Fork in
the road
Symbol: tree
Represents Po, because he is named after a tree, and also because it gives us oxygen to breathe. In doing that, it helps us as Po works to helps others.
Connection: The Listener
The listener is a murder mystery tv show about a telepathic man who uses his power to help others, like Po.
“Po, if there are steps you wish to take, that’s your affair, though I’d ask you to discuss it with us first” (pg 113) This quote shows how he is helping the council, but he is helping in his way.
Symbol: Weather
The weather is uncontrollable, may give unwanted consequences as after a hurricane there is devastation, or may have good consequences after a rain for the harvest. It represents Po's grace, and the different ways it could be viewed. When you think of weather, usually it is the bad part, which is how Katsa thinks of Po's grace.
How would it feel to know someone knows your thought related to them?
• Close your thoughts so they would not know if you were very angry and said things you regretted.
• Awkward if you thought things you might not want them to know.
• Wouldn’t be able to lie because they would know you were lying, then they'd have the truth anyway.
• It would be annoying because you couldn't think on it whenever you wanted, only when they weren't there.
Insight: I think they did well...
• They had been insulted, but they didn’t retaliate
• Gained valuable knowledge about whether Leck was guilty or not
• Stayed calm and controlled on the outside, so they didn't give the men something to insult them further.
“Po blocked her so fast that she knew he must have started imperceptibly first. “Stop,” he said to her softly. “Think. Breathe.” (pg 214)
Symbol: policeman
Police need to be calm, cool and collected as did Katsa and Po. They have to find the most peaceful way to get out of a difficult situation, as Katsa and Po did.
How would it affect one if the other didn't love them back?
• Worse for Po becasue Katsa didn't realize she loved him back until he showed her he loved her.
• She went in the forest to think alone about how to deal with the fact that she loved him but could never get married, and he was terrified she wouldn’t come back.
• For Katsa, even if he didn't love her back he would stay a loyal friend, but she would feel terrible about it.
• They would be crushed mentally and it may become awkward between them.

Symbol: sky
Represents the freedom and choice she’ll have with Po that others would never think to give her because they figure she has the desires of a normal lady.
How would the situation have changed if Lecks grace affected Po and not Katsa?
• Katsa had learned her grace is survival, not killing
• Her instincts would have told her to get rid of the threat so she would've used her skills to kill Leck
• Leck would be dead, and the threat would be half removed
• She would then save Po from Lecks men by covering his ears and running, because they could not fight them while confused

Symbol: sword and shield
• Sword to represent King Lecks men trying to fight Katsa and Po, and how he turned Katsa into a threat to Po
• Shield because even then Po tried to protect Katsa

Symbol: Gold medal
You need all your skills and techniques and brains at their best to achieve gold, and that’s what Katsa needed to get across the mountain
Connection: Lord of the Rings
In both cases, the characters achieved a seemingly insurmountable task, either getting the rings into mount Doom, or getting across Grella’s pass
"“Even in summer, no one crosses these mountains,” the girl said. “It’s almost winter. We have no warmer clothes. We have no tools, only your dagger and my knife. It’s not possible. We’ll never survive.” She said “I will keep you alive.””(pg 333). This shows how impossible the task of getting across the mountain seems to the Seven Kingdoms
Symbol: Peace sign
There will be peace in the Seven Kingdoms for a bit now that Leck is gone, and those who know Po’s secret will be able to rest their mind knowing it won’t get told.
What would happen if everyone knew about Po's Grace?
• He would be used by Kings to know whether or not someone is telling the truth
• Avoided because people are afraid of him knowing their thoughts
• Wouldn’t be able to do what he wants because he would be busy with the demands of the king.

Connection: Disney Movies
They both have happy endings, and they have overcome some difficulties. For example, in Cinderella, she has to get past her step mother, and then has to find a way out of her room when the prince comes to find her. In Katsa's case, she has to get around King Leck, and still help others.
Symbol: the Sun
The sun represents the good after the bad, the sun after the rain. It shows a new day where everyone will be happier.
Graceling is a novel that takes place in the seven Kingdoms. The five inner Kingdoms -Wester, Nander, Estil, Sunder and the Middluns - were once ruled by three brothers and two sisters. The other two relms, Lienid and Monsea are farther away. The Lienid tend to stay away from people other than to trade. Monsea, was once ruled by a great king and queen, who had troubled concieving. One day a young boy came from nowhere and charmed them. After a few years, they named him heir to the throne, and then died suspiciously. The boys name was Leck, and he had made himself a very good reputation of being kindhearted.
Po and Katsa had a great adventure with many difficulties, but using their supernatural skills, or graces, they found a way past them.
Who was the main factor in her call to adventure?
Po could be considered the deciding factor of her adventure. Without him, she would not have had anywhere to go, or any reason to stand against Randa. She would not be brave enough to face her fears, or have the supporting hand to deal wwith the consequences. She would have had no choice but to marry Giddon, or she would be stuck alone as an outcast. He also became one of her best friends, ""He's leaving tomorrow Kat," she stared at him. "What do you mean, he's leaving?" " He's leaving the court," Raffin said, "for good."" She really didn't want to lose one of her friends, so she left with him.
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