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A2 Media Evaluation

This presentation is for my evaluation for my A2 media coursework.

Alex Harrington

on 3 May 2010

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Transcript of A2 Media Evaluation

In what ways does your media product
use, develop or challenge forms and
conventions of real media products? Research allowed me to establish forms and conventions of music videos. Editing on the beat:
used occasionally
tended to reflect the mood of our character
integral to piece
let character show emotion Narrative structure:
liked these style of videos
break-up story
new twist with man/teddy bear relationship Andrew Goodwin's theory:
link between lyrics and images
tempo related to images Titles:
placed in bottom corner
seen frequently on music channels To conclude, I feel that our music video has followed the main accepted forms and conventions of music videos. However, we have developed the idea of editing on the beat to fit the mood of our video, and challenged the accepted form of a relationship break-up. How effective is the combination of your main product and ancillary texts? Effective promotional package for a band to use. Synergy:
relating images
jenga bricks and photographs Poster and digipak:
similar designs
easily recognisable Overall, I feel that the combination allowed us to create the appearance of a professional media piece. I think that what we have achieved would be able to successfully promote the band and place them in the public eye. What have you learned from your audience feedback? Since the beginning of this project, we have been collecting audience feedback at regular intervals. Song choice:
well liked by target audience
man reflecting on better times
relationship break-up Storyboards:
liked the narrative
liked certain individual shots
concerned about pace
suggestion of an animated question mark Final Piece:
very well received
had set down the right track
easy to follow narrative
amusing idea for relationship
stand out shots - photo on fire and animated jenga bricks
slight issue with pace, but too involved with storyline to be bothered that much Net design:
let us know which was most appropriate/practical

Initial poster and digipak ideas:
favoured the two that related most to each other
liked synergy between products
allowed us to know which designs would most interest our target audience Final digipak and poster:
liked ideas behind each piece
synergy played a key role
layout on each piece praised
digipak design was practical
big font on poster
transparency tool used on photographs gave the impression of fading memories To sum up, I have learned through extensive audience feedback that we were heading along the right lines with what we were producing, and the ideas that we were generating were suitable to the target audience that we had identified. I have understood the need for audience feedback throughout this course as it has allowed me to know whether what I am producing is suitable for the song and the audience. A2 Media Evaluation
by Alex Harrington How did you use new media technologies in the construction and research, planning and evaluation stages? Throughout every part of this media course, I have used new technologies to help advance the work that I have produced. DV Camera for filming:
used to record everything
allows professional-looking shots
ease of portability
capture what we wanted and how we wanted Mac computer for editing:
used the programme iMovie
easy to use
control over editing
time lip-synching and editing on the beat
add transitions and titles Digital camera for photographs:
easy to use
could take the pictures wherever we wanted
looked realistic Corel Draw and Photopaint for digipak and poster:
able to create a net for the digipak
add tabs for net
easily shape photos and font
add transparency to images
tinker with layout
choose a background
choose font that looks best over the background

Youtube for research:
able to find existing videos
get ideas of what is needed in a music video Myspace for research:
easily find unsigned artists
able to contact the bands directly Google images for research:
easy to find existing digipaks and posters Blogger for research, planning and evaluation:
store all information found through research
post feedback we received
store the storyboards
post the final evaluation
shows how work has been conducted during the time spent on the project Prezi for evaluation:
create a very professional looking presentation Digital camera for evaluation:
able to record presentation as I speak Windows Movie Maker for evaluation:
able to put together my evaluation
The new technologies that I have used throughout my work on this project have enabled me to create very professional looking final pieces. They have also allowed me to thoroughly research and plan my entire coursework. All have to represent the same genre and target audience.
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