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Science 1920's

No description

Emily Fischer

on 24 February 2014

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Transcript of Science 1920's


Emily Fischer,

Jake Land,

and Sasha Desberg

Big Bang Theory 1927
The Big Bang Theory is introduced in 1927 by Georges LeMaitre the year he received his PHD from MIT. He said that the universe expanded in all directions with same laws and same composition. Many scientists ignored it because LeMaitre
had no data to support his ideas.
Big Bang Theory 1927
But, he used the idea of entropy as evidence which states that everything is moving towards greater and greater disorder. LeMaitre's ideas introduced many new questions and strong debates.
Insulin 1920
Starting in 1920, Dr. Fredrick Banting had an idea that would change change the world. He wanted to create something that would change diabetes from a death sentence into a survivable disease.

Insulin 1922
In 1922, the results of his work was tested on Leonard Thompson. The medicine, called Insulin, saved Leonard's life and was soon saving the lives of many people around the world.
New Galaxy 1924
In 1924, Edwin Hubble identified a new galaxy using a 100-inch Hookey Telescope at Mount Wilson. He presented his discovery in a paper at a meeting of the American Astronomical Society in 1925. This informed many scientists that there were many new galaxies yet to be found.
New Galaxy 1924
NASA honored his achievement by naming the Hubble Telescope after him.
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