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World War 1

Overview of the countries involved and the affect it had on the US

Dan Slowik

on 4 January 2017

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Transcript of World War 1

The Allies
Assassination Of Franz Ferdinand
June 28th 1914 Archduke of Austria,
Franz Ferdinand
was shot dead by
Gavrilo Princip
, a Yugoslavian Nationalist. The political motive of this assassination was to
break off Austria-Hungary's control
and become its own state. This is widely regarded as the
start of WW1.
Ruled by the Tsars
Vladimir Lenin
- Advocate of Revolution
Russian Revolution 1917
agrarian problem, the nationality problem, the labor problem, and the educated class as a problem
Withdrew from the war
Heavily influenced by Industrial Revolution
French Third Republic
Fearful of German Invasion
Political Turmoil, constant change of government
Very Imperialistic
(Triple Entente)
World War 1
(The Great War)

British Empire
Very Imperialistic, Huge empire
Powerful Navy
, Unchallenged at sea
Fearful of war with Germany
Reason for joining alliance
Austro-Hungarian Monarchy
Rises as an industrial power
Intimidates other nations
- German political system based upon power and material factors.
Schlieffen Plan
- Strategic plan to defend Germany on both fronts (Russian & France)
Economy focused on building up Navy
Ottoman Empire
Suffering from large debt owed to Europe, stagnant
Under Pressure from Russia, and Great Britain
Losing territory
Only option was to go to war
One Month Later
20 different ethnic groups
Could collapse anytime
Unstable society
Fears Russia
2nd largest country in Europe
Experienced in war and revolution
Central Powers
July 28th, 1914
Austria declares war on Serbia
Russia declares war on Austria
Germany declares war on Russia
France declares war on Austria and Germany
British declare war and Austria and Germany
USA joins war in 1917, declares war on Germany
Kingdom Of Bulgaria
In the aftermath of the Balkan Wars, Bulgarian opinion turned against Russia and the western power.
Ottoman empire is a traditional enemy (both central powers)
Declared war on Serbia
Germany's buddy
War was unpopular with the Bulgarian people
USA at War
Remained neutral for the first
3 years
of WW1
Woodrow Wilson
was president at this time
Goal: make the world safe for democracy
14 point speech
Resulted in large increase in the US army
Split public opinion about joining the war
Preparedness Movement
Zimmerman Telegram
Propaganda helped change the mood about the war on the home front
What can you do for your country
Not only posters
Speeches, videos, billboards
Reshaped Europe
4 empires disappeared
Economic woes
Treaty of Versailles:
officially ended the war
Created the League of Nations
Germany was held responsible for the war
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