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Avid Prezi Project

No description

swes 3956

on 24 April 2014

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Transcript of Avid Prezi Project

Interests (Kiara)
Interests~Scott Westervelt
Scott~ Swimming, Reading, Programming, Using Software, Creating Video Games, Photography, Completing (fun) Worksheets, Making Things, Making Videos, Singing, and Watching Videos.
Kiara Felston - Harvard University
Would like to go in to

Scott Westervelt - Yale University
Would like to go in
Making Games
photography, math work, singing, swimming, and dancing
Kiara's College's Library
Kiara- tall, tom boy, personalty, crazy, fun to be around. Wants to see Hawaii and Japan.
Scott- Personality- I'm nicer and think more than most 7th grade boys. Smarter than a lot of people. Would like to see the true surface of the Moon and the surface of the Coral Reef.
Harvard Library
A picture of Harvard's Library
Yale University Symbol and Question Reasoning

Avid Prezi Project
I have been interested in Yale for a while because of it high academics and high standards. I like to swim and make things, it makes me feel innovative and I feel inventive. I have always been interested in sciences and seeing the actual surface of the Coral Reef or of the moon would be amazing. ~ Scott Westervelt

Yale also provides interesting majors
and is a very good law school. I have
a photography camera that I use to take
pictures and edit them, which can make you 200$
a session. The moon has never been dicovered on the dark side, it would be amazing to be the first man to see that. I often use a bit more sense than a lot of 7th graders, like not throwing myself down a bunch of cement blocks on a skateboard while wearing no protections. Smart right? ~ Scott Westervelt
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