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New York: 13 colonies Presentation

by lucas naomi and ashlyn

Naomi Gorden

on 17 September 2012

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Transcript of New York: 13 colonies Presentation

By: Naomie, Ashlyn, and Lucas New york we just know You'll want to be a part of it! We hope you enjoy these fun facts about about our colony. come visit! JOIN New York! Our Colonies name is NEW YORK! Doesn't that just sound new, fresh, and exciting? Join our colony. You can have a fresh start in New York. It will be a way to start a new and better life. COLONY NAME? The founding father of New York
is Peter Minuit The climate was very mild and was good for farming and agriculture. New York also had very fertile soil. They had warm summers and cold winters. Relationships with Native Americans Natural Resources There is one main reason New York was established that was for trading. People traded, clothes, guns, pottery, food, furs, and tools.
One example was if you brought back beaver fur from New York, it was worth its weight in gold in New England. Economic Activities New York is strong in crop production. This is why our colony is also successful. Crops that we have include corn, cabbage, beans, pumpkins, leeks, gourds, squash, sage, onions, rosemary, and mint. Corn is our most popular food and can be found in almost every household. AGRICULTURE Major cities include: New York City, and Albany Some religions that you can come to New York to study
your faith are, Christianity, Protestant, and Puritan. Religious freedom you can choose. One reason why you should live in New York is, because New York is the biggest Colony in exporting and importing. New York was built for this reason. People could make a good living with ample jobs. People used trading to expand their business. There was a fight over who owned New York, since New York was close to the water. New York also had mines so granite could be easily used to construct unique buildings. New York city became the first capital of the 13 colonies, also making it the best colony ever! New York was founded in 1626 People of New York have many relations with the Native Americans. People of New York traded and gave Native Americans jobs. One example is a translator. One of the best translators was Joseph Brant, from the Mohawk tribe. Some other tribes New York associated with was the Iriquois and the Algonquin tribe. Some natural resources are fish, lakes, streams, fresh water, wetlands, ocean bays, mountains, rocks, minerals, forests, and soil. ORIGINS YOU SAY? Okay so the French originally found New York and then the Dutch took it and claimed it for its own. So if you ask, people will say it was the Dutch who found New York but ACTUALLY it was the French! Originally it was called the New Netherlands but when the Duke of York in 1664 it was changed to honor him. FUN FACT! Honestly, It was probably because it has a natural harbor for ships and other things so it makes it easier for trade and transport. They also had VERY fertile land! Why did they settle? What type of government did New York have? Well they were a Royal colony, ruled by the Duke of York and Britain Government? FUN FACT! Native people that received payment for the island were not permanent residents of the island. New York was one of the last place
the British evacuated at the end of the Revolution. FUN FACT! CLIMATE George Washington was inaugurated in New York on April 30, 1789, beginning his 4 year term as the first president of the united states FUN FACT! Beautiful rivers, mountains and rolling hills! New york has: 1646: Peter Stuyvesant became Dutch Governor of the New Netherlands. History from establishment to 1776 1626: Founded by Peter Minuit 1655: The Dutch defeat the Swedes and Peter Stuyvesant has possession of the New Sweden Colony 1664: The Dutch lose New Amsterdam to the British, which is then Renamed as New York after the Duke of York. 1776: Declaration of Independence
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