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Unit 9 Opinion Paragraphs

No description

Keith Morrison

on 13 February 2015

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Transcript of Unit 9 Opinion Paragraphs

Unit 9 Opinion Paragraphs
Identifying Key Points
1. What is the topic sentence of the paragraph?
2. What is the author's opinion on cell phone usage by drivers?
3. List three reasons that the writer favors a ban on cell phones while driving.
4. Do you agree or disagree with the author's opinion? Why?
Discussion 2
1. How many phone calls do you make each day?
2. How many text or LINE messages do you send each day?
3. Do you prefer making phone calls or texting?

Now read the paragraph on p. 164
(p. 165)
1. What is the topic sentence of this paragraph?
2. What phrases from the paragraph show the reader that the writer is giving an opinion and not a fact?
3. Do you agree with the supporting statements that the writer makes about texting and calling? Why?
4. Can you think of two other topics that could be compared in a similar way?
Topics, Facts, and Opinions
What is it
gives your opinion about a topic
interprets or explains fact
often about a controversial issue
causes the reader to
think about an issue seriously,
perhaps even causing the reader to reconsider his or her own opinion about the issue
Considers both sides of an argument
1. Do you think that using a cellphone while walking on the train platform is acceptable?
2. Do you think using a cellphone while walking on the street is acceptable?
Read the example opinion paragraph about cell phones and driving on page 163
(Page 164)
p. 167-169
state your opinion about a topic in the first sentence of the paragraph.
support your opinion with factual information.
p. 167 Activity 2
Which sentences make good opinion topic sentences?
look for words like "best", "more" "more" to illustrate an opinion
Now read the essay on page 168 and complete activity 3.
Opinion: personal view on a topic
Fact: True/False statement based on evidence
Warm up Writing:

You have ten minutes to write out a plan for spring vacation.
How can you make yourself BETTER?
Exercise, writing, study?
What can you do to improve some part of your life?
Talk together with a group. Try to think of 5 "controversial issues" facing the world. Or Japan now.
You will choose your own topic for the writing section of the final exam.
In order to get an A you will need to provide a source for your opinion by visiting a news website, TedEd.com, or TED.com.
An A paragraph will have a quotation, paraphrase, and proper citation.
You can print the article and bring it to the final exam, or read it on your phone, tablet, or computer in class.
Choose a topic that is interesting for you
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