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Cooper´s Save the Wetland Project

No description

Ms. McTurk

on 21 June 2016

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Transcript of Cooper´s Save the Wetland Project

Community: Get Rid of Purple Loose-strife
At Home: Plant a Tree!
Some people can't do everything to save the wetlands, but there is a very easy way to help. Plant a tree! It is a very easy thing to do and it will create and habitat for a animal. You don't have to plant it at your house though you can also plant it at an acreage or a farm (if you know somebody who will let you). It will help an animal and it will do really good wherever you place it!
At School: Don't Litter!
Most people know this one, it is a easy as to throw garbage in the garbage when your done with it. If you can't plant a tree or get rid of Purple Loose-strife then do this!
Well, now you know some different ways to save our wetlands. You should try some of them and if you all you do is plant one tree you will make a difference and you will help our Wetlands.
Community: How Do I Get Rid Of Purple Loose-strife?
Community: Have you heard of Mute Swans?
If you haven't heard of them they are a Swan that does NOT like to share with other birds! These birds will make geese and ducks go away, fast! So look out you guys! Mute swans are the biggest toughest birds in the whole waterfowl! Mute swans hate to share and they will take over the whole pond and not let anybody else in it! There really is no way to get rid of them all you can do is kill them and stop bringing them to Canada! Mute Swans may look nice but look out!
Cooper´s Save the Wetland Project
There are many ways to get rid of Purple loose-strife
but you are probably wondering what is Purple Loose-strife, well its a plant that came all the way from Europe. But don´t be fooled though the plant may look beautiful it has an evil inside. The plant will grow in ditches and wetlands. When it grow it takes over that spot! It will block the next plant from coming there and when the plant gets there it sprouts over 3 000 000 seeds! So then that wetland will never et the same plants and animals back.
There are many ways to get rid of Purple Loose-strife. The first way to get rid of it is by hand picking. I bet you can guess what that is but if not all you have to do is put on your gardening gloves and get picking! You can also get some beetles that will eat up all the plants!
Now You Know
Community, school, and at home: Pollution
Pollution is a gas that comes from motors and other cars. You can cut down the amount of pollution in the air by riding a bike places or walking to other places.
Companies that Help Protect the Wetland
1.) Ducks Unlimited is one of main companies that protects and saves the wetlands.
2.) Alberta Fish and Wildlife services
3.) Canada Wildlife Services
4.) Canadians Park and Recreation

1.) Hunting Animals and Killing wildlife; preventing by putting up signs saying no trapping or killing

2.) Hunting and killing wildlife and animals; a way to prevent this from happening is putting up signs saying that you can not hunt here or you can just not hunt there yourself and then tell others about it.
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