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Orientation: Employment & Taxes

No description

Katie Clair

on 24 August 2018

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Transcript of Orientation: Employment & Taxes

International Student Orientation
Employment And Tax Regulations
Work up to 20 hours a week during school year and 40 hours during break periods.
Cannot work in Federal Work Study funded positions
Consider your time commitments.
Absolutely NO work off campus unless CPT/OPT.
No Social Security Number (SSN) without a job offer & must have letter from OISS to apply for SSN.

On-Campus Work
Internships (Curricular Practical Training or CPT) allowed after one academic year. For exchange students, Academic Training can be used immediately.
Internships can be off campus and can be paid or unpaid.
Internships need to be approved by your academic department and the Career Center for F-1 students. For J-1 students, they must be approved by your academic advisor.
You must be earning academic credit for F-1 students.
The International Student Advisor has final approval for all CPT and Academic Training.

You can only get a social security number if you have a job offer.
To get the number, you must have a job offer letter and bring that to OISS to get instructions on how to apply. Detailed application information is on the OISS website.

Social Security Numbers
You must file your taxes every year you are in the US. This is important as you'll have to prove that you filed if you want to get a green card some day or an employment visa.
Due Date is April 15th every year but you can File EARLY!
If you have a grant that is higher than the amount of tuition and fees, you may end up owing money to the US government for your taxes. Set some money aside now to cover this expense (10% of the amount over tuition).
In January, you will receive several forms in your mailbox that are necessary to file your taxes.
Trinity offers free access to an online tax program to assist you in filing your taxes.
NEVER use US companies such as TurboTax or H&R Block to file your taxes
Taxes:What do I need to know?
One year OPT after graduation
STEM majors may have an extension for 24 months.
The Career Center is the best resource for assistance in your job search.
OPT can be used before graduation but this takes time away from the year allowance.

What about jobs after graduation?
1. You did an internship last summer and got approved through the Career Development Center to earn credit and received CPT. You are doing the same internship this summer. Since you already had the CPT for this internship, do you need to get CPT/credit again?
2. You started a company in your home country and would like to continue working on your company while you are here in the US. All the work is done online.
3. An international company back home has asked you to do some work for them in the US. They are not based in the US and have no US branches. They pay you a stipend. You can do the work in your dorm room and email it to your supervisor.
4. There’s a Starbucks opening up on campus in the Spring and you’d like to work there. Starbucks isn’t a part of Trinity College technically. Is this still a possibility for you to do?

Employment Case Studies
5. You’re a second semester freshman and you just got offered an amazing unpaid internship at an insurance company. Do you need to do anything to take the internship?
6. What if the internship is at a nonprofit? What happens then?
7. You’re an RA and you work in the library. Your boss asks you to work 35 hours a week during Winter Break for the library. Can you do that? What about during the Spring semester?
8. You’re a squash player. Coach wants your help with squash camp this summer. There will be one camp held on campus and one off campus and you’ll get paid.

Employment Case Studies (Cont'd)
Violating employment rules for F-1 students means terminating your SEVIS record, having to leave and then try to return later on. It will be more difficult to get another visa to come back. It can also mean not qualifying for immigration benefits later on including getting denied for OPT, not getting H1-B or getting denied for a green card. It can be very costly when you consider that you will need to purchase a plane ticket to go home and to come back and there is no guarantee that you will be able to get the visa to return. Please take this seriously.

Visit the job list on the Financial Aid website: http://www.trincoll.edu/Admissions/finaid/joblist/Pages/default.aspx
Visit the employers who hire the most students such as these departments: The Library, The Help Desk, Access Control, Admissions, Campus Safety, Vernon Social, Accommodation Services (note taking). Ask them if they might be hiring. Networking is a great way to get your name out there.
Apply early!

How To Get On Campus Jobs
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