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Stranded by Jeff Probst

No description

Jaime Svinth

on 29 August 2013

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Transcript of Stranded by Jeff Probst

Stranded by Jeff Probst
Big Idea...
The main idea is four children working together to protect each other in order to survive their harsh enviroment.
A Different Ending...
A different ending to the story would be that the children would patch up the old boat and navigate themselves over to Hawaii where they would be reunited with their parents and uncle.
What I Liked About the Book...
I liked this book because it had a good life lesson, and you could tell the changes overtime with the relationship between the kids. It was also intriguing because you never knew what was coming next. I loved the twists and turns, the contrast of characteristics between all the characters, and that all of them were portrayed in their actions.
Theme Statement
The theme statement is that 4 kids who are seemingly "not compatible", work together to protect each other.
Prezi prepared by Jaime Svinth
The main characters include.....

Vanessa Diaz(14): Vanessa is a worrisome teenager who does the right thing and fights for her opinion.

Benjamin(Buzz) Diaz(11): Buzz is an overweight, unpopular boy who needs help and encouragement from peers.

Carter Benson(11): Carter is a popular, athletic male who doesn't like advice and loves to be the boss.

Jane Benson(9): Jane is an infomational child who is resourceful and knowledgeble.
When two families merge, the children are unsure and unhappy about the change and embark on a boating trip to 'bond' while their parents are on their honeymoon in Hawaii. Everything is going well until an unexpected storm arises and their Uncle Dex and co-captain, Joe, are thrown overboard. The children are left alone only to find themselves floating over to an unnamed island. They must depend on each other in order to survive.
What I Didn' t Like...
What I didn't like was that the book was so short and I felt like the events changed too quickly without going into a lot of good detail. I also didn't like the cliff hanger. Even though it was good writing, I think it should have ended with some sort of conclusion without taking the fantastic suspense of a cliff hanger.
A Little Bit About the Authors...
Jeff Probst was born in Wichita, Kansas, and raised in Bellevue, Washington.
Jeff Probst is married to Lisa Ann Russel.
Jeff Probst is the current host of the show, 'Survival'.
To learn more about Jeff Probst......
A storm that the children would have experienced
Chris Tebbets has teamed up with many authors aside from Jeff Probst
Chris has co-written 2 amazing series of fantastic books including Stranded
Chris Tebbet's other series...
In another book I read in a series, The Mother Daughter Book Club, all the girls wanted nothing to do with each other, but they all worked together to save Jess's beloved farm.
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