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Syrian Civil War Power Point Presentation

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Esther Muñoz

on 13 January 2016

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Transcript of Syrian Civil War Power Point Presentation

Syrian Civil War
Background Information: What You need To Know

The Ottoman Empire fell apart after World War I
France took over its remains (Syria and Lebanon) in 1920
The Alawite Sunni Muslims joined the new Syrian military and got close to the French authorities
*The Alawites make up a small part of Syria . They were considered heretics for a long time
The Syrian Army took over the area when the French left
Most of the despots were Alawite including Hafez-al-Assad who came to power in 1970
the Alawites thought that they could protect themselves from the Sunni by staying in power
The Sunni were angered due to their dearth of political power
Lebanon had their own civil war (Christians v.s. Muslims)
Hafez fought on behalf of the Christians
Many of the Syrians then decided that Assad should go
The Syrians launched a minor civil war for 6 years
Hafez ended the war by slaughtering thousands of citizens in Hama
Hafez concluded that killing was the solution
Hafez's son Bashar al-Assad became president in 2000
A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words
How The Syrian Civil War Began

A couple of teenagers painted anti-government slogans on a school wall
Authorities arrested and tortured the teens
In 2011 people began to protest and authorities killed several of them under Assad's order
People began to protest and authorities killed 4 of the protestors
Bashar followed his father's example from the Hama massacre and killed many rebels
Nationwide protests demanded Assad's resignation
Eventually the rebels formed at least a thousand of different groups and violently fought back
July 2011: The Free Syrian Army is made to protect civilians
Sunni extremists formed al-Qaeda but were almost completely destroyed in 2007
in 2011 al-Qaeda began to rebuild itself
The leader (Abu Bakr) sent Abu Mohammad to start the organization in Syria, seeing they had opportunities there
Mohammad had success but the group split into two (one of which was ISIS)
"Some saw the sun"
"Some saw the smoke"
"Some heard the gun"
Assad should leave his office and the Syrians should have the privilage
to vote for their president. Countries should put their differences aside
and work together to defeat ISIS once and for all.
Thesis:The rebels are right in defending themselves from the
government's attacks.
Although these lyrics are quite vague compared to what Syrians see everyday, they help us realize just how devastating war is. Some people woke up and saw the sun along with the smoke ruining their homes. Others heard guns going off and never woke up to see the sun again.
Esther Muñoz, Jewel Martinez , Janely Aragon, Ashley Fregoso

H English 1-2
Per. 4
Ms. Martinez

"Who will pay the price? All the residents of the Golan Heights. The militants of ISIS will not differentiate between us. They will kill everyone. We see videos on TV, Facebook. The danger is getting closer to us."
– Golan resident Badi'a Ahmed, Israel Hayom newsletter, Aug. 29, 2014

According to this resident, everyone in Golan Heights will fall victim to the crisis. He continues by saying that ISIS does not show mercy to anyone they come across. They will kill if they choose to no matter who you are or what you've done. In this case, we are all in danger and no one is to say who will live and who will die.
More On ISIS
ISIS is funded from their oil banks and massive bank robberies
their daily funds range anywhere from 1 million to 4 million dollars
ISIS targets mostly other Muslims but they have also targeted other people with different religions
ISIS killed more than 10,000 people in some brutal manner such as beheading them or stoning them in the first half of 2014
ISIS has also been known to rape and sell women as slaves
ISIS's goal is to build an Islamic state with Shiria law
ISIS is not for or against the rebels or government, they are interlopers
ISIS has used social media to convince foreigners to join them
ISIS uses boys as young as 12 to join their training camps
Turkey has been accused of supporting and buying oil from ISIS
Thank You For Your Time
And Attention
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