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May 7 pro-d overview

May 7 pro-d overview

Graham Harkley

on 16 April 2010

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Transcript of May 7 pro-d overview

Start Shape of the day 8:30-8:45
coffee and goodies 8:45-9:00
Overview of day
Effective Teaching That Leads to Student Engagement
Continuing with where we left off.
Sitting with groups from last day (See overhead)
(Teri) Take updated Teaching Strategies Mind Map Review /discuss/debate/add to
Are all the boxes valid? Are they complete?
Hand in any revisions
Still sitting with groups from last day
Review /complete one of the categories of the Rubric your group started last day.
Hand in your revised category
Group change (Carla) groups of 3 or 4.
New groups to work on specified categories
Where are the groups working: Library, in a classroom?
Now in New groups do the following
1)Again looking at the Mind map - Review your category,
a.What is it, Do you need to add to the mind map, Where and when can you use it?
2)Armed with the updated (new) rubric sheet do the following:
a.Thoroughly complete your four horizontal boxes of the rubric.
b.Complete “Snap Shot: Resulting level of Student engagement.
10:30 10:45
Coffee break 10:45-11:15
Continue working with the groups you were in before coffee break.
-Combine your group with the other group that also did your category
-Debate and discuss your category with the two groups combined to come up with one completed horizontal line on the rubric.
- Debate and discuss “Snap Shot: Resulting level of Student engagement”, with the two groups combined to come up with one completed horizontal line on the rubric.
From what the two groups agreed on input your final product onto a computer and send it to Graham to be combined with other groups to complete the rubric. 11:30 11: 45Day closing comments with focus on May 21.
Afternoon - Department time.
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