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Ponyboy's Change Throughout The Outsiders

No description

Jackie Cannon

on 13 November 2013

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Transcript of Ponyboy's Change Throughout The Outsiders

Ponyboy's Change Throughout The Outsiders
Regains some innocence
In Chapter 7, Randy emerges from his car and walks 0ver to Ponyboy and asks for a conversation.This conversation talks about how Ponyboy turned to a hero by saving the kids in the burning church. During this conversation Pony learns that Bob was not like he seemed and that he had probolems in his life as well. Ponyboy now sees Randy as an individual rather then part of the rivalry Soc group and understands that the Socs will be at the top and will always be rich and considered "the best".
My Insights
I believe that the character Ponyboy has amny changes in "The Outsiders". This allows the book to flow and allow me be able to make connections to the character. I think that the Socs chnaged Ponyboy drastically. When he talks and understands life from their perspective, he can relate and appreciate the Soc group better.
When an Obstacle gets in his way...
In chapter 4 Ponyboy loses his innocence when Johnny kills Bob and they have to run away to Windrixville. He then understands what growing up can be like. A fire emerges in the church they are hiding in. This injures Johnny who becomes in critical condition after getting out of the fire.
Ponyboy Started to Change
When Ponyboy meets Cherry Valance everything changes and he understands that Socs are not completely different from the Greasers and that their is basic sameness. For example,they both have problems that they aren't so happy to deal with. Such as parents that don't always care.
Lesson Learned at the end
In chapters 9-10 , Dally and Johnny lose their lives. These were people very important and close to Ponyboy. He realized that ls Nothing Gold Can Stay, just like Robert Frost's Poem. He know knows that sometimes he has to move on and forget the past.
Ponyboy's thoughts and personality
in the beginning
In the beginning Ponyboy is scared of both the Socs and Darry. He at first has trouble finding who he is but knows that he is a innocent.
Chapter 1 Quotes
"Soda tries to understand,at least,which is more than Darry does"
"Greasers can't walk alone too much or they will get jumped"
Chapter 4 Quotes
" The fight for self preservation had hardened him agianst caring"
Chapter 7 Quotes
"I wanted to cry, but greasers don't cry in front of strangers. Some of us never cry at all. Like Dally, Two-bit, and Tim Shephard-- they forgot how to at a young age"
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