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drama final

No description

Erin Moses

on 16 April 2010

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Transcript of drama final

New to Drama!
Another world! Doubt I was closed in. People knew who they were
as actors/actresses. Dream Project I saw what I had to do,
but I didn't know how to
accomplish what it was. I let my imagination go
and found a new world. Constantin Stanislavski Characterization "Every actor on stage needs to find the
character's purpose." "Characters use adaptation;
adjusting a character's behavior based
on its effect on other characters. He calls these beats." Chekhov "Actors need to preform actions with a feeling of ease so the audience will focus on the action itself and not the physical strain or the safety of the actor preforming." "Actors must locate their center." Strasburg "Actors need to have the ability to preform
in public as if one is completely alone." Grotowski
Poor Theatre
Stick Play "I'm worried for myself about memorizing
all my lines which come at random times." Poor theatre is a differnt way to
develope theatre. Your imagnination can
really run wild when you have no budget. "I'm not an actress." "I don't know if I can take
on a character and they be percieved
correctly." "I don't know how to design a
play from one idea."
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