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TreeVersity: Comparing Tree Structures by Topology and Node Attribute's values

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John Alexis Guerra Gomez

on 6 December 2014

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Transcript of TreeVersity: Comparing Tree Structures by Topology and Node Attribute's values

TreeVersity: Comparing Trees by
Topology and
Node Attribute's values John Alexis Guerra Gómez
http://hcil.cs.umd.edu/treeversity Trees Representations Comparing Trees is HARD Example 1 Compare these two trees: Traffic incidents first responders event sequences for two counties (number of incidents) Type of Comparisons Traffic incidents first responders event sequences for two counties (time from notification) Example 2 Compare these two trees: Previous Approaches Leaf Node's Attributes Interior Node's Attributes Same
Topology Interior Node's Attributes Leaf Node's Attributes Case 1 Case 2 Case 3 Case 4 Proposed solution:
TreeVersity Compare
two trees Find Similar Trees Find Interesting
Trees Objectives Thank You! John Alexis Guerra Gómez
Catherine Plaisant
Ben Shneiderman Approach We want your data!!! If you have a hierarchical dataset and want to find interesting things about it, we are eager to work with you on it. http://www.flickr.com/photos/jek-a-go-go/4064280263/sizes/z/in/photostream/ Acknowledgement Center for Integrated Transportation Systems Management (a Tier 1 Transportation Center at the University of Maryland)
Center for Advanced Transportation Technology Laboratory (CATT LAB)
Michael Pack and Michael VanDaniker Comparing Trees is Important Real Life Problems http://www.cfnews13.com/static/articles/images/news2011/obama-budget-gfx-0214.jpg http://assets.espn.go.com/photo/2008/0314/nba_split_580.jpg Follow the presentation at: http://hcil.cs.umd.edu/treeversity Take home message Comparing tree structures is important & hard
But with TreeVersity is possible!
If you have a dataset like this we can help! Changes in
Topology Same
Topology Changes in
Topology Topology Changes Node Attribute Differences
Slope Approach Example comparing time Example comparing
accident counts Example comparing time Node Attribute Differences
Gas Tank Approach Gas tank continued http://www.smartmoney.com/map-of-the-market/ http://hcil.cs.umd.edu/temporalviz T. Munzner et al. [2003] P. Bille [2005] P. Bille [2005]
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