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Personal Branding Profile

No description

Kim Spaulding

on 1 February 2014

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Transcript of Personal Branding Profile

Index of Learning Style Questionnaire
Goldberg's Test on Intuitive Powers
I am majoring in Landscape Architecture with a minor in Urban Planning
The things driving me to take this course...
It is required for my major
I have heard exciting things about the course
I am excited to stretch my imagination in order to give me a better sense of creativity
Kimberly Belle Spaulding
... but I go by Kim
Personal Branding Profile
I want to walk away with new ideas, have a process of thinking outside of the box, and I will be inspired by all the stories we hear and watch of new inventions and discoveries.
I had a score of 9 which means that I tend to mix styles but lean more toward the analytic and
rational than the intuitive. My intuition might be erratic.


The Jung Typology Test
The caregiver: Warm-hearted, popular, and conscientious. Tend to put the needs of others over their own needs. Feel strong sense of responsibility and duty. Value traditions and security. Interested in serving others. Need positive reinforcement to feel good about themselves. Well-developed sense of space and function.
I have a natural ability to lead
I have dedication when asked to do something
I LOVE children
Core Values
When people chew with their mouth open
When people have bad breath
When people control the conversation
Things that annoy me...
I dislike...
When the Texans lose
The things I love
Texas A&M
Aggie baseball
Fear of...
Pitch black
What inspires me...
My faith
My family
Being a Fightin Texas Aggie
I have a passion for everything Texas A&M. I love the tradition, the family that we are, and all the sports
If I could have 3 wishes from a genie it would be
This puppy...
Walk across this trampoline bridge...
And own this house
If I had the power to change 3 things, it would be to...
Share my faith with everyone in the world
Be completely selfless
Give every orphan a parent
What would I do if I could not fail?
Greatest accomplishments...
Being named woodwind captain
Becoming a Breakaway volunteer
Getting into A&M
Weird claim to fame:
I won the $1500 Bingo jackpot on the Alaskan cruise I was on this summer, and was stopped multiple times that week asking if I was that girl who won
My biggest
goals in life
are to...
Work for a design/ build Landscape Architecture firm
Get Married
and have a family.
Bucket List
Hot air balloon ride
Camp on the Nepali Coast in Hawaii
Zip line through the Swiss Alps
My dream is to work on a project for Extreme Makeover: Home Edition and design the landscape
I want to be remembered for my faith...
and for being a loving daughter, sister, mother, and wife
I'm from Katy, Texas.
Creativity self assesment test
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