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Write a summary topic sentence.

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Janelle Hale

on 16 September 2013

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Transcript of Write a summary topic sentence.

Students can write a summary topic sentence. Name it-Verb it-Big idea

Write a summary topic sentence.
Write a summary topic sentence.
Write a summary topic sentence.
Let's Try
Topic 5
How can you determine the author's purpose when writing a summary topic sentence?
"How to Make Lemonade" informs the reader of the three easy steps for making lemonade.
"The Clever Kid Goat" entertains with a story about a kid goat learns to listen to his mother and not wander off.
"Recycle Now" persuades the audience to start recycling to save the Earth.
1. Inform your partner by telling them facts about a dog.
2. Entertain your partner about a funny story about a dog.
3. Persuade your partner by telling them something he/she should do to be more responsible for his/her dog.
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